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Liquefied Natural Gas News Archives


Last proposal for LNG terminal in Maine set aside by federal regulators

Portland Press Herald, September 12, 2016  https://www.pressherald.com/2016/09/12/maines-final-lng-proposal-tossed-by-federal-regulators/

Exporting U.S. natural gas isn’t as “clean” as you think 

Washington Post June 9, 2014 https://www.washingtonpost.com/blogs/wonkblog/wp/2014/06/09/exporting-u-s-natural-gas-isnt-as-clean-as-you-think/

“One of the rallying cries in favor of liquefying and exporting U.S. natural gas has been to help reduce greenhouse gases in other countries, by crowding out coal in Asia and Europe.

Yet tucked into an Energy Department report on LNG exports is a different view: That U.S. exports of LNG to China could end up being worse from a greenhouse gas perspective than if China simply built a new power plant and burned its own coal supplies. The report also says that the climate benefits of exporting LNG to other countries are modest.”

“‘The process of liquefaction, transport, and regasification of LNG is highly emissions-intensive, increasing by 15 percent the total life cycle GHG emissions associated with exported U.S. natural gas,’ James Bradbury, senior associate of the climate and energy program at the World Resources Institute, said in congressional testimony on May 7, 2013. ‘These added upstream emissions also significantly reduce the relative advantage that natural gas would have over higher-emitting fuels, like coal and oil.’”

Energy Department Bombshell: LNG Has No Climate Benefit For Decades, IF EVER*

*If one uses estimates for methane leakage based on actual observations

By Joe Romm on June 4, 2014   https://thinkprogress.org/climate/2014/06/04/3443211/energy-department-lng-no-climate-benefits/

"To make LNG a climate winner, you’d have to assume levels of methane leakage that are a factor of 2 to 3 lower than what recent observations reveal. That is exactly what DOE’s National Energy Technology Laboratory (NETL) does in its analysis, 'Life Cycle Greenhouse Gas Perspective on Exporting Liquefied Natural Gas from the United States.'”

"For DOE, 1.6 percent leakage is the highest leakage rate they considered!! And 1.4% is what they expect for shale gas.

In fact, leakage rates are almost certainly at least double that! Yes, the EPA has lowered its estimate to about 1.5 percent — based solely on industry-provided numbers. But multiple studies in the last two years based on actual observations have made clear the EPA was simply wrong. 

Back in November, fifteen scientists from some of the leading institutions in the world — including Harvard, NOAA and Lawrence Berkeley National Lab — published a seminal observation-based study, 'Anthropogenic emissions of methane in the United States.' The authors took the unusual step of explicitly criticizing the EPA: 'The US EPA recently decreased its CH4 emission factors for fossil fuel extraction and processing by 25–30% (for 1990–2011), but we find that CH4 data from across North America instead indicate the need for a larger adjustment of the opposite sign.'”


March 31, 2014   Reuters... “Early Monday, a “processing vessel” at the Williams facility near the small town of Plymouth, Washington, exploded, spraying chunks of shrapnel as heavy as 250 pounds as far as 300 yards, according to local emergency responders.

The flying debris pierced the double walls of a 134-foot LNG tank on site, causing leaks. Five workers were injured, and local responders warned that vapors from the leaks could trigger a more devastating, second explosion. A county fire department spokesman said authorities were concerned a second blast could level a 0.75 mile 'lethal zone' around the plant.

Everyone within a two-mile radius of the site was evacuated...

Blast at U.S. LNG site casts spotlight on natural gas safety


July 26, 2013  Halliburton has agreed to plead guilty to destroying evidence  WASHINGTON   L.A. Times    "Oil-field services giant Halliburton has agreed to plead guilty to destroying evidence in connection with the 2010 Gulf of Mexico oil spill, the Justice Department announced Thursday."

"The April 2010 explosion and sinking of the Deepwater Horizon drilling rig was the largest offshore oil disaster in U.S. history, killing 11 workers and spewing nearly 5 million barrels of oil into the gulf. The Macondo well was owned by a consortium of energy companies, led by BP. Transocean owned the drilling rig that BP was leasing for the venture. Halliburton was contracted by BP to do the cement work on the well.

The plea agreement was the third that the Justice Department has obtained in the criminal investigation of the disaster. Transocean agreed to pay $400 million as part of its criminal plea, and BP, $4 billion. A civil suit against the three companies brought by the Justice Department and others is continuing."

July 25, 2013 Marcellus Shale Exports Could Transform Global LNG Market  StateImpact Pennsylvania  "The U.S. currently has two export terminals, one in Sabine Pass, Louisiana, and the ConocoPhillips LNG export terminal in North Cook Inlet, ..."

July 16, 2013 Activists: LNG port could open door to fracking Red Bank Hub Despite the contentions of Liberty Natural Gas (LNG) and federal officials from the Maritime Administration (MARAD) and the U.S. Coast Guard… 

July 10, 2013 Senators urge US to speed LNG export review process  Reuters "Lawmakers say slow pace could hurt US LNG export projects." DOE urged to consider multiple applications at a time.


LNG Opponents Overpower Another Liquefied Natural Gas Energy Project  LngDanger.c

LNG Vessel Liability is Limited by 1851 U.S. Law TimRileyLaw.com

Sandia Report of 7 Mile LNG Vapor Cloud TimRileyLaw.com

Fall River Hess LNG terminal plan officially terminated, says FERC ... The Herald

NJ governor vetoes liquefied natural gas operation Bloomberg

AP NewsBreak: Alaska LNG plant closing Houston Chronicle

Save The Bay Takes Hess LNG Fight to the "Street" MarketWatch

Bill To Ban LNG Stations Off NJ Coast Clears Committee‎ NJ TODAY

Bill's add-on would bar Fall River LNG project Boston Herald

Investigation continues in Mass. LNG gas plant blast Boston Herald

Sen. Brown opposes Fall River LNG terminal NECN

Opposition, low demand doom natural gas terminal Longview Daily News

Sempra’s Plan to Import Liquefied Gas Raises Health Concerns KPBS News

Developer Halts Work On Bradwood Landing Oregon LNG Terminal Wall Street Journal

Oregon LNG port developer files for liquidation‎ - The Associated Press 

New Jersey governor rejects liquid natural gas island liherald.com

Feds pull plug on tribe's LNG pact Bangor Daily News

Govt plans to 'subsidise' imported LNG Economic Times

Natural Gas Glut A Problem For LNG ProjectsNinemsn

Judge Investigating Claims Of Misconduct By LNG Companies OPB News

FERC sets meetings on Oregon LNG complaints The Daily Astorian

Not Everyone's A Winner In LNG Markets FN Arena News

Mayor objects to Maine LNG terminals Telegraph-Journal

Danger at our doorstep Baltimore Sun

ATTENTION: LNG 16 - The 16th International Conference and Exhibition on Liquefied Natural Gas  LngDanger.com

Harper standing firm on LNG plant Telegraph-Journal Canadian Energy PM told U.S. officials LNG tankers won't be allowed to get to Maine facility.

LNG foes: Project is on 'life support' Fall River Herald News LNG foes won a victory in March with a federal Wild and Scenic designation for the Taunton River, something seen as another hurdle for Hess to clear.

'15 killed as gas train blows' ANSA Italy News Service - Viareggio, June 30 - At least 15 people were killed and some 40 injured when a train carrying liquid gas derailed and blew up in this Tuscan seaside town overnight, officials said. Five buildings were demolished in the blast, which took place near the station and spread flames down city streets. At least two children were among the victims and some of the injured were critical. Rescuers are digging through the rubble. Watch YouTube Video Below

US court blocks proposed LNG terminal at Sparrows Point  Baltimore Sun - ‎Dec 23, 2009‎ A federal appeals court in Richmond, Va., upheld Maryland's denial of a water-quality permit for a proposed liquefied ...

Former CIA Official Warns Against LNG Terminal WJZ - Baltimore, MD, USA  According to Charles Faddis, the retired head of CIA's Weapons of Mass Destruction Terrorism Unit, security is the safety issue. Faddis warns that an urban LNG operation creates two targets: the LNG plant itself and the enormous LNG tankers bringing in the frozen gas. According to the story, "the explosive power of a liquefied natural gas operation may be too good a target for terrorists to pass up."

Terrorism expert says LNG project lacks safeguards Baltimore Sun - United States "The more I looked into this project, the more I thought the company building it does not care about the safety implications," said Charles S. Faddis, who retired a year ago as chief of the Central Intelligence Agency's anti-terrorism unit and is a security consultant..."

Feds oppose gas terminal in Long Island Sound The Associated Press N.Y. (AP) — The U.S. Commerce Department on Monday announced its opposition to a proposed massive floating liquefied natural gas terminal in Long Island Sound. Environmentalists hailed the decision as a victory over "the corporate Goliaths of our time." Politicians in New York and Connecticut have campaigned for several years to stop what would have been the world's first floating liquefied natural gas terminal.

LNG opponents to show documentary on fuel dangers Providence Journal -Providence, RI WARREN - Opponents of a proposal to put a liquefied natural gas offloading facility in the middle of Mount Hope Bay are trying to raise concerns about the project with a showing of the 2004 video "The Risks & Dangers of LNG" Thursday at 7 p.m. at the Kickemuit Middle School, 525 Child St. The 45-minute video is being billed by the Kickemuit River Council and Warren Councilman Joseph DePasquale as "the film Weaver's Cove and Hess [Corporation] don't want you to see," a reference to the two developers of the project. Produced by two consumer protection advocates from Oxnard Shores, California, the video was made to demonstrate LNG's vulnerability to accidental disaster and terrorism. It also tries to show that a tanker breach could produce massive destruction to our coastal communities.   EDITORS NOTE: Other groups who are also interested in hosting Public Screenings of the film must contact the Law Office of Tim Riley at 760-683-5898 to discuss the licensing fees and terms. Public Screening of the film is illegal without proper licensing and prior written authorization from the producers. 

Crist voices opposition to Calypso LNG EnergyCurrent - Houston,TX,USA  Florida Gov. Charlie is opposed to the proposed Calypso pipeline, which would bring gas from Calypso liquefied natural gas (LNG) terminal offshore Florida. Though the project has been proposed for construction by GDF Suez North America in U.S. federal waters, Crist's formal opposition to the project can stop the terminal and pipeline from being built, according to media reports. The applicant was unable to alleviate the reasonable health and safety concerns of coastal residents that may arise from a catastrophic accident or terrorist.

Wall Street Journal  Bad Call   "The conventional wisdom said that the U.S. would soon become a big importer of natural gas. The conventional wisdom blew it."

"To stabilize the market, Mr. Greenspan said, the U.S. needed to become a major importer of liquefied natural gas, or LNG. Moreover, he added, 'Access to world natural-gas supplies will require a major expansion of LNG terminal import capacity.' New facilities would have to be built in the U.S. to handle the expected surge in imports. Mr. Greenspan and the industry experts who shared this view -- and there were many -- couldn't have been more wrong. But within a year of his testimony, there were plans for 40 new or expanded LNG terminals under consideration in North America, according to a tally by the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission. By March 2005, the list had grown to 55.Today only six have been built, and most of those sit idle. Weeks pass between visits from a tanker full of frosty LNG. Even before the economic slowdown, it was clear the nation had ample natural-gas supplies. Large-scale imports simply weren't needed. And new reports suggest the U.S. won't need to turn into a massive importer of natural gas anytime soon. How did the conventional wisdom get it so wrong?"

KBR pleads guilty in Nigerian bribery case REUTERS UK "Appearing in U.S. District Court in Houston, KBR General Counsel Andrew Farley admitted that the company paid bribes to high-ranking Nigerian officials between 1994 and 2004 to secure four contracts for a KBR joint venture to build and expand Nigeria's Bonny Island liquefied natural gas terminal. Under a deal reached with the U.S. Justice Department, Houston-based KBR and Halliburton will pay a $402 million fine, of which Halliburton has agreed to pay $382 million. In a separate settlement with the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission, Halliburton will disgorge $177 million in profits to settle parallel criminal charges that its former subsidiary violated the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act (FCPA)."

Oil tanker bursts into flames BBC News, UK - An oil tanker collided with a container ship off the coast of Dubai setting both vessels on fire. The Kashmir was carrying some 30000 tonnes of oil ...     According to AP Story: The Maltese-flagged tanker, Kashmir, was carrying about 30,000 tons of oil condensate, according to Stephen Olley of the Lloyd's Marine Intelligence Unit in Britain. It was headed from Iran to the UAE.

https://pubs.usgs.gov/of/2008/1344/of2008-1344.pdf Geologic and Seismic Hazards Affecting Proposed Liquefied Natural Gas Site in Santa Monica Bay, California. The LNG facility is proposed to lie in a region of known geologic hazards that include: "Strong shaking from earthquakes: the estimated probability of a magnitude 6.5 or larger earthquake occurring in the next 30 years..."

LNG facility off L.A. coast is scrapped Los Angeles Times, CA It marks the second LNG project off the Los Angeles coast to be killed. In 2007, another project died because of opposition from residents.

Woodside suspends gas project due to tough market  Reuters Larger rivals have so far failed to convince Californians to accept construction of terminals on or near the mainland, with a similar plan proposed by BHP Billiton Ltd rejected in 2007 after strong public opposition.

USGS Says Seismic Safety Is Major Issue for Offshore LNG Project Malibu Surfside News - Malibu, CA

2d incident involving an LNG tanker off coast stirs critics Boston Globe The US Coast Guard aided a disabled tanker carrying liquefied natural gas early yesterday after it went adrift 16 miles northeast of Provincetown. It was the second time this year an LNG tanker broke down near the state's coastline. The Coast Guard and the company considered yesterday's incident to be less severe than another one in February. In that case, the LNG tanker Catalunya Spirit went adrift for hours off Cape Cod because a computer glitch caused the vessel to lose power. After the vessel was tugged to shore, it took workers several days to restart the boilers.

Pirates seize oil tanker off East Africa coast Los Angeles Times "Security specialists are concerned that pirates might someday seize a tanker carrying pressurized liquefied natural gas, or LNG, then blow it up or sell it to terrorists. 'If it was an LNG tanker seized, we're looking at something potentially catastrophic,' said Candyce Kelshall, a specialist in maritime energy security at Blue Water Defence, a Trinidad-based firm that provides training to governments and companies combating piracy. 'An LNG tanker going up is like 50 Hiroshimas.'"

Oil and gas pirates of Somalia New Europe - Brussels, Belgium Somali pirates, who have given the Saudi owners of a 1,000- foot oil supertanker a looming deadline to cough up a USD 25 million ransom, could easily seize a tanker carrying pressurised liquefied natural gas, or LNG, a captain of 15 years told New Europe. “Sure. Chemical tankers have already been attacked so why not gas tankers,” Marc Nuytemans, managing director of the Royal Belgian Shipowners’ Association, told New Europe telephonically from Antwerp.

Ala. governor rejects offshore LNG terminal BusinessWeek 

Plans shelved for LNG terminal in South Jersey Newsday

US allows Cove Point LNG expansion to continue Reuters 

Baltimore Co. sued to block gas terminal Baltimore Sun

Federal agency opposes open-loop LNG for Gulf al.com In a letter this week, the National Marine Fisheries Service warned the Coast Guard that the open-loop system could kill millions of fish eggs and billions of other microscopic marine organisms, setting back efforts to rebuild populations of red drum, snapper and other fish.

10 Environmental Reasons The Bahamas Should Not Engage in Any LNG ... thebahamasweekly.com, Bahamas

LNG: American Admits Bribing Nigerian Officials THISDAY, Nigeria

Terrorism Scenario Shared By Fire Commissioner Boston Channel.com

Crew crunch may compromise shipping safety standards Emirates Business 24/7

Study: US has up to 50% more natural gas than once thought  USA Today

Samsung to Deliver World's Biggest LNG Tanker for Exxon Project Bloomberg Samsung was contracted to make 11 tankers, each of 266,000 cubic-meter capacity...



NOTE: “The energy content of a single standard LNG tanker (one hundred twenty-five thousand cubic meters) is equivalent to seven-tenths of a megaton of TNT, or about fifty-five Hiroshima bombs." according to Brittle Power Energy Strategy for National Security, Part 2  Disasters Waiting to Happen / Chapter 8: Liquefied Natural Gas (First Prepared as a US Pentagon Study) By Lovins & Lovins at page 88 



House deals blow to proposed Mass. LNG terminal The Associated Press

Court orders review of Cove Point gas project Reuters UK, UK

3rd UPDATE: Woodside Says Emissions Plan May Threaten LNG CNNMoney.com

Man charged with shining laser at helicopter escorting LNG tanker Boston Globe FBI Investigation Field Div Press

Fed official rules against Fall River LNG terminal Boston Herald

LNG wins federal favor Baltimore Sun

Reversal in LNG Plant Decision Outrages Community ABC2 News MD

More bad news for LNG plan Providence Journal, RI

LNG could hit US$40 Trinidad News, Trinidad and Tobago

LNG may turn more expensive than crude oil Business Intelligence Middle East (press release), United Arab Emirates 

Plans for Long Beach liquid natural gas terminal shelved Los Angeles Times  Facing significant opposition, Mitsubishi subsidiary Sound Energy Solutions withdraws its LNG proposal.

Cheniere's problems grow as LNG market slumps Houston Chronicle, United States

Latest appeal on Fall River LNG proposal fails Boston Herald

Canadian Superior plans LNG facility off New Jersey Reuters Canada

LNG facility in Mass. Bay takes first delivery Boston Globe

Court removes hurdle for LNG plant at Sparrows Point Baltimore Sun

Gas Plant in L.I. Sound Is Rejected - New York Times A broad range of environmental groups, community activists and elected officials from New York and Connecticut have strongly opposed ...

NY rejects Long Island Sound LNG terminal | Reuters Similar projects have been canceled by energy companies facing opposition from community groups and local governments opposed to construction of the terminals.

Carbon trade to burst LNG bubble The Australian  Australia's booming $15billion a year LNG export industry has plans to triple output by 2017, which would see it eclipse coal as Australia's biggest commodity export. liquefied natural gas, could stall if new investors are forced to comply with an emissions trading scheme from 2010... Although the combustion of LNG produces up to half the emissions of coal, it involves a more greenhouse-intense production process than other fossil fuels because large amounts of energy are needed to freeze the gas for export in liquid form.

REMINDER: LNG Has 35% Higher Lifecycle Greenhouse Gas Emissions Than Coal  In the September 2007 edition of the journal Environmental Science and Technology, Carnegie Mellon researchers show that liquefied natural gas (LNG) imported from foreign countries and used for electricity generation could have 35 percent higher lifecycle greenhouse gas emissions than coal used in advanced power plant technologies. The researchers point out that LNG has many indirect impacts compared to domestic gas. LNG is extracted in a foreign country, liquefied, put into a tanker to cross oceans, and then regasified and put into pipelines when it reaches the U.S. Each of these steps leads to indirect environmental impacts, such as carbon dioxide emissions from changing from gas to liquid and back.

ALERT: House passes Coast Guard bill despite Bush veto threat The Associated Press WASHINGTON (AP) — Defying President Bush's threatened veto, the House on Thursday overwhelmingly approved a bill making the Coast Guard enforce security zones around eight liquefied natural gas terminals and any arriving tankers - all potential terrorism targets. Read Bill Text: https://thomas.loc.gov

ALERT: New York Rejects Broadwater LNG Plant For Sound Hartford Courant

Clinton, Obama support LNG states-rights bill Longview Daily News, WA

FERC authorizes larger LNG vessel access EnergyCurrent, TX  FERC has determined that the Sabine Pass liquefied natural gas (LNG) terminal can receive LNG tankers with cargo capacities of up to approximately 9.3 MMcf (266000 cubic meters).

Supreme Court says Delaware can block BP LNG project Bizjournals.com, NC

First onshore US LNG port in 25 yrs nears startup Reuters

ALERT: Helpless LNG Tanker Adrift off Cape Boston Herald, United States - 2/11/08 Tug boats are racing to help a stricken Liquefied Natural Gas tanker which lost power 35 miles off Cape Cod, leaving it at the mercy of powerful winds and 12-foot high waves.  The fully laden, 933-foot long tanker Catalunya Spirit, with 29 listed aboard, was en route to Boston from Trinidad and Tobago when it lost propulsion at about 3 a.m. today, according to the U.S. Coast Guard in Boston… UPDATE: 2/12/08 Tugs assist, investigation underway; 2/13/08 repairs & investigation of computer glitch continue, electrical restored; 2/14/08 power restored, boilers activated, and testing operating system before turning on propulsion. 2/15/08 After several days of troubleshooting, repair specialists determined a malfunctioning boiler feed pump, which supplies water to the main propulsion boilers, caused the Catalunya Spirit's loss of power and propulsion. Captain of the Port of Boston reviewed and approved the final repair certification presented by Lloyd's Register and Teekay Corporation. The LNG delivery through Boston Harbor was cancelled.

ALERT: MARITIME SECURITY (GAO REPORT) - LNG Tankers Vulnerable & Security Resources Lacking  Government Accountability Office Report LNG Tankers face three main types of threats - suicide attacks, 'standoff' attacks, and armed assaults resulting in severe threat to public safety, environmental, and energy supply chain. The Congressional report further admonishes that the US Coast Guard - the lead federal agency for maritime security - has insufficient resources to meet its own self-imposed security standards.

ALERT: Coast Guard stretched thin, and it's about to get worse CBS News, Houston KHOU.com “I think it’s assuming too much the Coast Guard itself is going to come out and say ‘Sorry folks, we can’t protect you,’” said Tim Riley, an attorney who has spent the last five years investigating the dangers of liquefied natural gas. “The Coast Guard has had difficulty meeting its own self-imposed requirements for security,” the GAO report said. “We have started focusing on protecting air travel,” Riley added. “But yet our harbors are very, very risky right now. We should shore it all up before major tragedies start happening in the country.” VIDEO

LNG Tankers Vulnerable The Associated Press-

LNG tankers vulnerable to attack The Australian - Sydney, Australia

Long Island LNG Gas Terminal Nears FERC Approval New York Times FERC staff report drew immediate criticism from Gov. M. Jodi Rell of Connecticut, who called the conclusions ludicrous and said the state would challenge in court any approval of the terminal. “An enormous and potentially flammable industrial facility floating in the middle of Long Island Sound would be as shockingly out of place as a steel plant in a state park,” Gov. Rell said.

December 2007

Council votes to oppose LNG project Malibu Times - Malibu, CA

Wary of Protests, Exxon Plans Natural Gas Terminal in the Atlantic New York Times

Staten Islanders up in arms over proposed floating liquefied ... Staten Island Advance - SILive.com - Staten Island, NY  

Coast Guard rejects Weaver's Cove Energy appeal over LNG terminal Boston Globe - United States

November 2007

ALERT: LNG Investigation - Videos - NBC

Saudi Gas Pipeline Fire Kills 28 The Associated Press  Saudi Arabia (AP) — “An explosion and fire on a gas pipeline killed 28 workers in eastern Saudi Arabia… The Hawiyah plant produces 310,000 barrels of ethane and liquefied natural gas daily.”

UPDATE 4-Fire breaks out at Saudi gas plant, causes deaths Reuters UK  “The state oil company said in a statement the fire was caused by a gas leak in the pipeline around 30 km (18 miles) from the natural gas liquids plant…  

Saudi gas pipeline fire kills 28 Washington Post, United States "It appears to be an accident rather than an act of sabotage," one diplomat said.

 After four died in Ras Tanura fire in July  Gas pipeline blaze kills 28 in Saudi Arabia Al Arabia News Channel, AlArabiya.net, Agencies The Hawiyah plant, which produces 1.4 billion cubic feet (39.6 million cubic metres) of gas a day and cost four billion dollars to build, was launched in October 2002 as the first to process only non-associated gas. 

LA Daily News - Two area liquefied natural gas plants in pipeline Tim Riley, an Oxnard attorney who has made a film about the dangers of liquefied natural gas - or LNG - said the Oxnard LNG terminal could be at risk from earthquakes, accidents and terrorist attacks that would pose a risk to marine life as well as nearby residents. "I can't imagine this getting beyond the Coast Guard (review) because this Clearwater Port is too dangerous, and it's unneeded," Riley said.

October 2007

Coast Guard Says LNG Waterway Unsafe For Tanker Transit BOSTON (AP) -- A proposed liquefied natural gas terminal in Fall River may have been dealt a fatal blow. The Coast Guard has ruled the river approaching the Weavers Cove Energy project is unsafe for navigation by massive LNG tankers.

Smoke from LNG plant could give you cancer Barents Observer - Archangel, Russia

September 2007

Third Blue Whale Found Dead Off California Coast Environment News Service - USA ...the carcass was floating south of Platform Grace, Santa Barbara Channel.

Maine: Co. Can't Pull LNG Application Forbes - NY, USA ...board rejected request by Downeast LNG to withdraw application and to later resubmit

FERC approval of Four new, expanded natural gas facilities By customer@ferc.gov

August 2007

Paperwork for First of Two Area LNG Projects Accepted by Feds  Malibu Surfside News  Neither project sits well with some environmentalists, like Oxnard attorney Tim Riley, who is gearing up to battle an LNG terminal 13 miles west of his Oxnard Shores home. "This is a guinea pig project that is going to be twice as close to Oxnard as the BHP Billiton one," he said. "It will have two LNG tankers at it so it will be at least twice as dangerous, so we all need to team together as with BHP Billiton and work twice as hard." Riley noted that the old oil platform has reached the end of its design life, and was supposed to be removed from its prominent position on the sunset horizon in Ventura County.

Canadian PM to Bush: No LNG Tankers OTTAWA - Prime Minister Stephen Harper has reiterated in a private meeting with U.S. President George W. Bush that Canada will not let massive tankers carry liquefied natural gas through tricky Head Harbour Passage.

Natural Gas Imported To US For Electricity Generation May Be Environmentally Worse Than Coal  Science Daily A team of Carnegie Mellon University researchers report that the choices U.S. officials make today could limit how the nation's future energy needs are met and could cost consumers billions in idle power plants and associated infrastructure systems. "...liquefied natural gas (LNG) imported from foreign countries and used for electricity generation could have 35 percent higher lifecycle greenhouse gas emissions than coal used in advanced power plant technologies."

Is pipeline's approval an ironic death knell for LNG plans? Daily Breeze "The Sempra plant alone can supply all the future needs anyone responsible now forecasts for California," Garamendi notes. "... any other LNG facility is economically problematic," Garamendi said.

LNG expansion plans approved Savannah Morning News, GA Local critic Judy Jennings, of the Sierra Club, said the expansion is not a done deal. Anti-LNG film coming next month The Coastal Group of the Georgia Chapter of the Sierra Club plans to screen "The Risks and Dangers of LNG" at 8 p.m. Sept. 20 at The Sentient Bean coffee house, 13 E. Park Ave. Produced by Hayden and Tim Riley, who are consumer protection advocates from Oxnard Shores, Calif., the film demonstrates the perils of LNG and its vulnerability to accidents and terrorism. "This is the film that LNG proponents don't want you to see," says Tim Riley on his Web site, https://TimRileyLaw.com. NOTE: Others who are also interested in obtaining usage rights to the film for public screenings must contact the Law Office of Tim Riley at 760-683-5898 for terms and authorization.

Man-Made Island Proposed for LNG Terminal

FERC staff issues Draft Environmental Impact Statement for the Bradwood Landing LNG Project ...

FERC staff issue Final Environmental Impact Statement on the Elba ...

July 2007

Small liquefied gas canisters of acetylene, commonly used by welders, exploded in Dallas. Workers were filling acetylene tanks Wednesday, July 25, 2007 when a malfunction started a chain reaction of explosions that sent debris shooting into the air and onto Interstates 30 and 35E. The explosion rocked buildings as far as 2,000 feet away and sprayed debris 600 feet from the plant. A thick plume of smoke marred the Dallas skyline as flaming debris rained onto a busy highway during a series of explosions at a gas facility near the city's dense downtown area, rattling windows and buildings blocks away. At least three people were injured. 

6.6 Earthquake Aftershock Causes Japan Nuclear Plant to Leak Radioactive Water  MSNBC.com KASHIWAZAKI, Japan - A strong aftershock rocked Japan on Monday just hours after an earthquake left at least seven dead and caused a radioactive water leak and fire at one of the world’s most powerful nuclear power plants.

Malacca Strait pirates still plunderous The Japan Times A fourth case involved a Japanese-operated LNG tanker near Karimun, also in April. The LNG carrier had departed Niigata and was heading toward Singapore when pirates boarded near Karimun. A crew member found four men in the steering room.

June 2007

Judge backs county LNG ban Baltimore Sun

US Senate Rejects Giving States Greater Say Over LNG Projects CNNMoney.com

Congressional delegates back amendment to block LNG site Boston Globe

Senate approves bill establishing LNG approval process Malibu Times - Malibu, CA

May 2007

ALERT:  Governor rejects offshore gas project Sacramento Bee, CA - "Any LNG import facility must meet the strict environmental standards California demands to continue to improve our air quality, protect our coast, and preserve our marine environment," the governor said in a statement. But Schwarzenegger said the proposed project by BHP Billiton LNG International Inc. "fails to meet that test."

AP Centerpiece: Down in the bayou, America's natural gas future? Boston Globe Tim Riley, a lawyer and consumer advocate based in Oxnard Shores, Calif., said not enough is known about the potential hazards of an LNG spill for the government to be able to continue licensing terminals safely. "The sheer volume is what makes it eminently dangerous," said Riley, co-producer of a film called "The Risks and Danger of LNG."      ALSO: LNG Plants Rising to Meet Energy Demand Forbes, NY U.S.’s thirst for liquid natural gas growing MSNBC LNG is hot in energy-hungry US CNN International 

April 2007

ALERT:   The California Coastal Commission unanimously voted 12-0 to sink BHP Billiton's LNG floating platform proposal. Three days earlier the California State Lands Commission,  before a packed house untied against LNG (800 inside & over 1000 outside), denied Billiton's LNG Deep Water Port pipeline license.


Click Arrow for Tim Riley's appearance before California Coastal Commission

ALERT: The next West Coast LNG Battleground - Platform Grace oil platform 10.5 miles offshore California Coastline  This new guinea-pig LNG fossil-fuel sea-factory proposal will directly impact Malibu, Oxnard, Ventura, and Santa Barbara. The Deep Water Port Act review (same process as for the BHP project), will commence soon - probably within 60 days. This LNG regassification sea-factory proposal has been dubbed 'Clearwater' by its proponents as if it were simply a desalination plant as opposed to a dirty and dangerous LNG fossil-fuel sea-factory. From the get-go, this euphemistic project name is probably a tell-tale sign of just how profoundly our intelligence will be insulted by the predictably superficial spin.

ALERT: According to FERC Chairman - Domestic Gas Reserves are Growing For years the FERC has been urging LNG proliferation in America - claiming our domestic gas reserves are decreasing. Yet now, as the FERC pushes for expansion of new pipelines they claim - domestic gas reserves are increasing. Is this inconsistency due to incompetence, intentional manipulation or simply unrestrained arrogance?  Rockies Pipeline Project: Laying the Groundwork Energy Central  In any event, the Rockies Express-West will deliver reliable and affordable supplies to others around the country, says FERC Chairman Joseph T. Kelliher. "The Rocky Mountain region is a major supply source for the Lower 48 states and its production continues to grow," he adds. "In addition, the amount of proven reserves, critical for increased production, is growing as well."

ALERT: House Bill to Give Local & State Governments Right to Prevent LNG Plants  Washington, D.C. Congressman Ruppersberger, Cummings, and Sarbanes (D-Maryland) introduced legislation in the United States House of Representatives that will give local and state governments the right to veto the location of a Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG) facility. The bill would strike a provision in the Energy Act of 2005 that gave the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) the authority to preempt local and state concerns about the location, construction, and operation of an LNG facility.

Council receptive to offshore LNG plan Long Beach Press-Telegram

LNG concerns inspire federal legislation Baltimore Sun - Baltimore, MD

Global axis of oil and gas ASIA Times The prospects of direct or indirect manipulation of global gas prices and of a more frequent and widespread use of gas as a political/geopolitical weapon are distinct possibilities, they fear. From the perspective of the US and its closest allies, this strikes at the heart of their strategic security interests and imperils the global dominance of the industrialized powers in the West.

LNG advocates spin revolving door again San Francisco Chronicle

Governor likes LNG despite panel vote San Francisco Chronicle

State's stance unclear after rejection of LNG terminal Sacramento Bee

LNG too perilous for offshore site Los Angeles Daily News

Keep Oxnard Clean Los Angeles Times Editorial It's a complicated call to make, but when officials weigh in on the proposal this week, they should vote a resounding "no."

Editorial: Conserve, don't buy into LNG Ventura County Star, CA

Feds Defend LNG Fast Track as Clock Starts Malibu Surfside News, CA Opponents Dominate First of Three Cabrillo Port Hearings in Eight Days: Tim  Riley, an anti-LNG activist from Oxnard Shores, noted that “every single elected public official” who testified, spoke against the project. “That’s what so remarkable, the hardworking blue collars are agreeing with the rich and famous,” he said.

Two State Commission Staffs Split on Cabrillo Port Malibu Surfside News, CA The California Coastal Commission  report said the total impact of compressing natural gas in Australia, shipping LNG cargoes across the Pacific, and then burning gas to heat up the fluid at Cabrillo Port would add 26.4 million tons per year of greenhouse gas to the globe's atmosphere. Coastal staff said Cabrillo Port's impact on the surrounding environment would be incompatible with state coastal law in 14 major areas. The CCC report said BHP Billiton is mitigating some of the 14 negative impacts, but cannot possibly comply with state coastal laws related to air quality, oil spill prevention and response, earthquake and tsunami hazards, and the visual impact on the spectacular coastal views between Malibu and Oxnard.

March 2007

Watchdog Agency Slams LNG Science and Says Experts Can’t Assess Disaster Potential
Malibu Surfside News - Malibu, CA  Oxnard anti-LNG film producer Tim Riley said, “The GAO study shows the federal scientists are finally admitting that they do not know what the effects of millions of gallons of cryogenically-chilled liquid on a ship’s decks will be. We’ve been saying all along it would make the ship’s skin peel like a banana, and now they say they agree that more study has to be done." Riley, an Oxnard Shores attorney, said the GAO study says the same thing that he was labeled an “extremist” for bringing up three years ago. “  And there are a lot of additional questions raised by the study, like who were the scientists who were interviewed?” he said. “A lot of those people may work for the LNG industry as safety consultants.” Riley said the GAO study shows “an ever-changing worst-case scenario” and said Malibu residents cannot rest assured that the permanently-anchored Cabrillo Port would stay put in an emergency. “BHP Billiton has a proven record of failure in that department, one of its natural gas terminals that was supposedly hurricane-proof came loose in a hurricane and traveled 200 kilometers (124 miles) upside down,” he said. “There is nothing to stop an LNG leak from snapping those anchors, and the wind from blowing that facility onto the shore."

Report tells risks of LNG attacks Ventura County Star ,CA, USA  In calling for further research on LNG safety, the government report points out that previous studies have been based on inconsistent computer models instead of factual data, said Oxnard Shores attorney Tim Riley. "We've been saying this for years," said Riley, who produced a documentary on the dangers of LNG. "Our detractors try to call us fearmongers. I think they are going to be hard-pressed to call the GAO fearmongers. We've just been asking for reasonable prudence and urging more testing. We are glad to see the (government) officials are finally in agreement." LNG facilities that are awaiting government approval should be put on hold until additional research is completed, Riley said.

Court: U.S. can regulate emissions MSNBC WASHINGTON - The Supreme Court ordered the federal government on Monday to take a fresh look at regulating carbon dioxide emissions... Carbon dioxide is produced when fossil fuels such as oil and natural gas are burned... states have the right to sue the EPA to challenge its decision...

Probe Broadens into Allegations of White House Pressure on EPA in Cabrillo Port Flip-Flop  Malibu Surfside News

BHP gas port would pollute air, study says Ventura County Star, CA

Waxman wants BHP gas investigation Ventura County Star, CA

BHPB Cabrillo Port Hearing schedule   Final EIR of LNG project   California Coastal Commission Report Recommending OBJECTION to BHP's Proposed LNG project

McFarlane says renewable energy best solution for terror threats United States should accelerate development of renewable energy sources because of increased risk from terrorist attacks that could cripple the economy, said former national security adviser to President Reagan.

GAO Report Highlights Incomplete Research by Government on the Risk from Attacks on LNG Tankers    GAO Report

LNG Watch: Cabrillo Port Timetable Malibu Surfside News - Malibu, CA

Congress Holds Hearings on LNG Safety Issue By MalibuSurfsideNews

Lawmakers Fear Additional LNG Terminals Will Outstretch Security ... Congressional Quarterly - Washington,DC

Research needed to protect LNG facilities from terrorists
Houston Chronicle - Houston,TX

BHP Malibu gas project hit by Congress
This is Money - UK

Rough ride in Malibu as BHP gas schedule blown
The Age - Melbourne,Victoria,Australia

Powerful Assembly Chair Says Liquid Natural Gas (LNG) No Longer ...
California Progress Report - Oakland,CA

Brosnan, Sheen Rally against BHP Gas Terminal off Malibu
By Hollywood Today

Gas plant loses key lawmaker's support
Los Angeles Times, CA 

Stars turn up the heat on BHP
Daily Telegraph - Sydney, New South Wales, Australia

LNG Critics Take Concerns to Sacramento
Malibu Surfside News - Malibu, CA

EPA asked by lawmakers to explain permit decision
Ventura County Star (subscription) - Ventura county, CA

Pollution is focus of LNG report
Ventura County Star (subscription) - Ventura county, CA

Report cites risk of offshore gas terminal near Malibu
Los Angeles Times - CA

By MalibuSurfsideNews(MalibuSurfsideNews)

Revised Cabrillo Port EIR Identifies 20 Significant Negative Impacts
Malibu Surfside News - Malibu, CA

If terrorists hit Boston
The Phoenix - Boston,MA

EPA Unable to Show Reasons for Cabrillo Port Smog Rule Reversal
By MalibuSurfsideNews(MalibuSurfsideNews)

New questions raised over EPA's handling of LNG project
Malibu Times - Malibu,CA

‘No LNG’ Rally Slated for Malibu Pier on Saturday
Malibu Surfside News - Malibu,CA

EPA Unable to Show Reasons for Cabrillo Port Smog Rule Reversal
Malibu Surfside News - Malibu,CA

Proposed LNG project off Malibu is risky, report says
Los Angeles Times - CA

Ship's captain expresses LNG concern
ic Wales - Cardiff,UK

February 2007

‘Stop the Clock’ Is Over: Agencies Get Ready to Make LNG Decisions ...
By MalibuSurfsideNews(MalibuSurfsideNews)

Cabrillo Port Sails Past Detailed Security Assessment Required for ...
Malibu Surfside News - Malibu,CA

Cabrillo Port Impact on Whales Remains a Major Contention
Malibu Surfside News - Malibu,CA

LNG Arrests but Protestors Say "Fight's Not Over"
Pembrokeshiretv.com - UK

Canada formally objects to LNG tankers in Canadian waters
Boston Globe - Boston,MA

Protest arrests at gas terminal BBC News - UK

Activists shut down construction of LNG gas terminal in Milford Haven. Indymedia UK - UK

Fall River alleges secret deal between Romney administration, LNG firm SouthCoastToday.com - New Bedford, MA

Feds OK liquefied natural gas terminal off Gloucester Boston Herald - Boston, MA

Firm sues to force completion of LNG EIR Long Beach Press-Telegram - Long Beach, CA

Feds OK liquefied natural gas terminal off Gloucester Boston Herald - Boston, MA

O'Malley asks feds to deny Sparrows Point LNG project Baltimore Business Journal - MD "I urge FERC to recognize the negative impacts of this proposal to the state of Maryland, our citizens, our environment and our economy, and deny this project," the governor said in a news release.

Bill blocking LNG plant passes Baltimore Examiner - Baltimore, MD

Environmental leaders question favorable report on LNG terminal Newsday - Long Island, NY

Gas plant called no terror risk Baltimore Sun - Baltimore, MD Former White House counterterrorism chief Richard A. Clarke called one liquefied natural gas plant in Boston a "ticking time bomb" and wrote that if a tanker on the way there had blown up, it would have "wiped out" that city's downtown.

January 2007

EPA's response to Waxman's LNG request unknown Malibu Times - Malibu

Officials weigh LNG bill Baltimore Sun - Baltimore, MD

Cabrillo Port Hopes to Skirt Smog Rules Because It’s at Sea Malibu Surfside News - Malibu, CA

Gas plant called no terror risk Baltimore Sun - Baltimore, MD

Neptune LNG Deepwater Port Project Receives Approval From US ... Yahoo! News (press release)

20,000 oppose Sokos LNG plant The Standard, China

LNG foes out in force Coos Bay World - Coos Bay, OR

Request For More LNG Hearings Rejected TheDay - New London, CT

AQMD: LNG's Natural gas will foul air Press-Enterprise (subscription) - Riverside, CA

Air board sues over PUC LNG 'hot gas' ruling Los Angeles Times - CA

DEP Faults Federal Analysis Of Broadwater LNG Impact TheDay - New London, CT

Public Continues Protest Against LNG Fairfield Citizen-News - Fairfield, CT

Opposition to LNG near New York City grows Reuters - USA

Judge rules out zoning to block LNG terminal Baltimore Sun - Baltimore, MD "A local government may not exercise veto power over this nationwide process by local zoning legislation," Bennett wrote in his opinion, ruling that the federal Energy Policy Act of 2005 trumped the county's law.  Full Opinion: PDF

Long Beach LNG project halted Los Angeles Times, CA "This project would have put over 140,000 people who live and work within 3 miles of that LNG terminal at risk," said Harvey Morris, an attorney for the Public Utilities Commission. "The evidence was overwhelming there's all kinds of things that could go wrong if there was a terror attack or earthquake." Acting on that legal advice, the five-member Board of Harbor Commissioners for Long Beach unanimously voted to halt work on the LNG project and issued a statement that says, "Since an agreement between Sound Energy Solutions and the city does not appear to be forthcoming, the Board of Harbor Commissioners disapproves the project and declines to pursue further negotiations." 

Harbor Commission scraps LNG plant in LB Long Beach Press-Telegram - Long Beach, CA

Feds: LNG Plan Poses A Threat To Marine Life TheDay - New London, CT


ALERT: Congressional Probe Launched re EPA Reversal re BHPB's LNG Cabrillo Port Letter to EPA Administrator from Chairman of Committee on Oversight

ALERT: MARAD wants ideas on boosting U.S. flag LNG fleet The Coast Guard and Maritime Transportation Act of 2006 directs the U,S. Maritime Administrator "to develop and implement a program to promote the transportation of liquefied natural gas to the United States on United States flag vessels [and] to give top priority to the processing of deepwater port licenses to LNG facilities that will be supplied with natural gas by United States flag vessels." The Act also directs that the nation of registry for, and the nationality or citizenship of, officers and crew serving on board vessels transporting natural gas to a deepwater port be considered when granting a license. published notice in the Federal Register seeking comments

Congressman Henry Waxman requests the Environmental Protection ... Malibu Times - Malibu, CA

Will Arnold’s friends push expensive LNG? Highland Community News - CA

Opposition Strong At Broadwater Hearing TheDay - New London, CT  

LNG Plan Faces Gantlet Hartford Courant - Hartford, CT

Broadwater opponents voice concerns Connecticut Post - Bridgeport,CT

'This project is unacceptable'  New Haven Register.com

LNG Terrorism and Security Issues Move to the Forefront Malibu Surfside News - Malibu, CA

Blumenthal Demands Air Security For LNG Depot TheDay - New London, CT AG says no-fly zone a critical issue for Broadwater proposal

Congressional delegation opposed to LNG terminal Boston Globe - Boston, MA

Top LNG Concern: Who Will Pay For Security? TheDay - New London, CT  Officials Pan Proposed Terminal, Say Security Of Tankers No Sure Bet  Connecticut and its coastal towns would have to redo their emergency response plans if the Broadwater liquefied natural gas terminal is allowed to locate 10.5 miles from the shoreline in Long Island Sound, the head of the state Department of Homeland Security said Thursday. Commissioner Wayne Sanford, speaking during a meeting of the task force set up by Gov. M. Jodi Rell to analyze the Broadwater LNG proposal, said the cost of rewriting the plans and purchasing any equipment that would be needed to protect the public if an accident or attack occurred on the facility is unknowable at this point. “Where would the money come from to pay for this?” he asked. “Would the corporation (Broadwater) pay to update the plans?” Exercise drills would also need to be conducted on the new plans, he added. “The plan is useless unless you exercise it over and over again.”

Race against time as stricken ship drifts towards gas platform Scotsman - Edinburgh, Scotland, UK

Tension surrounds plan for natural gas terminal in LI Sound Newsday - Long Island, NY

Sailboat Incident Prompts Tighter Security at Elba Island LNG Terminal (Subscription) Natural Gas Intelligence

Giuliani Says Broadwater LNG Plan For Sound Is Safe, Secure, Needed TheDay - New London, CT "Giuliani Partners was hired by Broadwater to conduct an analysis of the proposed terminal ..."

Terror attack fears for LNG plant BBC News - UK

Protest plunge: Blumenthal leads swim to protest gas platform proposed for Long Island Sound Stamford Advocate - Stamford, CT

Second protest over gas pipeline BBC News - UK A group of around 12 demonstrators have begun a fresh protest against work on a gas pipeline in the Swansea Valley. Some residents in Milford Haven formed a campaign group, Safe Haven, to try to prevent two LNG terminal being built in the town, citing concerns over safety. An offshoot campaign, Safe Haven Network, has also taken part in protests against the pipeline.

Group opposes plan for liquefied gas facility Baltimore Sun - Baltimore, MD Officials including Sen. Barbara Mikulski, Rep. C.A. Dutch Ruppersberger, Gov.-elect Martin O'Malley, Baltimore County Executive James T. Smith Jr., state senators and delegates and the councilman representing the Dundalk area, have all stated opposition to the project.  LNG report finalized Examiner.com Members of a state-appointed task force studying liquid natural gas signed a final report Thursday that all but condemns an LNG terminal...

Feds OK LNG Terminal off La. MarineLink.com Gov. Kathleen Blanco vetoed the project last year because McMoRan intended to use an open-loop system using water from the Gulf of Mexico to warm the supercooled liquefied gas. Environmentalists said that would kill an unknown amount of sea life, including fish and fish larvae. The company changed the design to the more expensive closed-loop technology, which uses some of the gas it imports, rather than seawater, to warm the liquefied gas.

LNG issue heats up meeting Seaside Signal - Seaside, OR

Security found lax at LNG sites Washington Times - Washington, DC

December 2006

PHMSA Advisory on Pipeline Safety:  Lessons Learned From a Security Breach at a Liquefied Natural Gas Facility [In the U.S. Department of Transportation (DOT), PHMSA - the Pipeline and Hazardous Materials Safety Administration has public responsibilities for safe and secure movement of hazardous materials to industry and consumers by all transportation modes, including the nation's pipelines.]

LNG Consultation Offer Rejected The Bahama Journal - Nassau,Bahamas

Nigeria Pipeline Blast Kills Over 200  Outside the Beltway Thieves trying to steal gas from a pipeline in Lagos, Nigeria have caused an explosion that has killed over 200 people. At least 200 people were killed Tuesday when a pipeline carrying petroleum products exploded...

  Pipeline Blast Incinerates Dozens   CNN

LNG tanker asleep at the slip? River is no racetrack Savannah Morning News  "... and apparently wasn't refuted - that the tractor tugs tending the Golar Freeze were not in the proper position for a vessel discharging LNG. Mr. McCarthy also said the docking pilot on watch on the bridge of the Golar Freeze was asleep and not monitoring the Charleston's progress upriver."

LNG facility in Fall River may be out of picture Boston Herald

Governor approves 2 LNG ports Boston Globe

Bonanza in gas exports to US west coast a pipedream, banker warns

$500M for LNG plant not worth it Long Beach Press-Telegram -CA

Proposed gas terminal at Long Beach port is losing steam Los Angeles Times "We're willing to pull the plug if the city isn't going to support the project," said Long Beach Harbor spokesman Art Wong.

Tanker collision near LNG berth BBC News - UK Mr Sangster told BBC Wales he did not know what the tanker was carrying but said there was no danger to the immediate area. He said: "We're assessing what happened and an investigation will take place looking not just at the accident but what needed to be done. "We will be looking at the cause of why it happened and what other steps can be taken to ensure that it doesn't happen again."  A spokesman for SemLogistics said "superficial" damage was caused to both the tanker and the jetty and that the vessel, the 18,000-tonne MV Prospero, was empty at the time.

EPA shortens science reviews, angering some LA Times "The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency on Thursday streamlined the way it updates regulations for the nation's worst air pollutants, a move that drew immediate charges that officials are trying to quash scientific review to benefit industry at the expense of public health. The changes, some of which closely mirror requests by the American Petroleum Institute and Battery Council International industry groups, include shortening what is now an exhaustive scientific review, and replacing recommendations prepared by career scientists and reviewed by independent advisors with a "policy paper" crafted by senior White House appointees at the agency..."

Mayor vows to fight LNG terminal Long Beach Press-Telegram, CA

Scientists Cite Flaws In LNG Assessment TheDay - New London, CT

Renewed Call For LNG Referendum The Bahama Journal - Nassau, Bahamas

Photo credit: shanghaidaily.com

Hundreds flee as LNG leaks in north China

Small LNG Tank Leak - Huge Plume & Evacuation:  “A SPILL of liquefied natural gas sent hundreds of families fleeing their homes, shut down two schools and forced workers to evacuate from 15 factories in northeast China's Liaoning Province on Monday, a media report revealed yesterday… The mishap occurred around 6:30am on Monday while workers were conducting a routine valve check at a 400-cubic-meter container used to hold the gas. LNG is natural gas cooled into liquid form for easier transport. During the inspection, the valve froze in an open position, and fuel began pouring out. As the liquid warmed, it turned back to a gaseous state and nearly 30,000 cubic meters of fumes dispersed over a six square-kilometer area, the news report said… ‘It's fortunate there was no wind,’ Jiang Yonghe, director of Fushun's fire bureau, told reporters. ‘Otherwise, an explosion could have occurred if the wind had pushed the fumes near an open flame.’"

NOTE:  The holding tank pictured above in the China LNG leak accident holds just 400-cubic meters, yet produced a six square-kilometer plume. The typical LNG tanker holds 120,000-cubic meters, and since U.S. LNG plume leak estimates are based upon hypothetical ‘worst case’ scenarios and calculated by disputed computer modeling - we still don’t know how far a large hazardous plume will actually spread. Apparently, we now have an actual baseline calculation (approximately: 400-cubic meter LNG leak produces a six square-kilometer hazardous plume).

SEE ALSO:  New Sandia Report of 7 Mile LNG Vapor Cloud Emediawire  Consumer protection advocates and filmmakers Tim Riley and Hayden Riley, producers of the LNG documentary film The Risks and Danger of LNG, are very concerned about the ever-changing ‘worst case’ scenarios for LNG spills. “This new Sandia 7 mile ‘worst case’ scenario is even more frightening than their earlier ‘worst case’ reported in December of 2004, which determined an offshore flammable LNG vapor cloud could extend approximately 2 miles,” said co-producer Tim Riley. “What is equally disturbing, according to co-producer Hayden Riley, “Sandia admitted in its 2004 report that it is relying on, ‘... the dynamics and dispersion of a large spill, and the hazards of such a spill, are not fully understood.’ So that means Sandia doesn’t really know how much further an LNG vapor cloud could actually extend.” “Sandia further disclosed that, ‘It is evident that there is a lack of large-scale spill data for model comparison.’ Sandia also urged that, ‘experimental validation should be undertaken;’ and we agree,” said Tim Riley In their film, The Risks and Danger of LNG, the Riley’s provide a vivid and riveting counter-point to the LNG industry safety claims by exposing the documented hazards of LNG. They point out the unreliability and inconsistency of LNG computer modeling, and urge the federal government to conduct large-scale offshore LNG spill tests…

Residents evacuated following huge LNG spill China Daily – China SHENYANG -- Hundreds of residents were evacuated after a huge spill of Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG) in Fushun City in northeast China's Liaoning Province. ... Initial investigation showed that an operator on duty failed to shut off a tank valve which had been opened for dehydration and had frozen in the cold weather. More than 300 firefighters and policemen were called to help control the leakage and evacuate residents. "The LNG combined with the air to form a 30,000-cubic-meter cloud of poisonous white fumes shrouding the area," said Jiang, adding that the evacuation began immediately after the leak. All the surrounding buildings would be flattened in case of an explosion, according to a firefighter...

Opposition Pipes Up: People who live near a proposed natural gas ... The Register-Guard - Eugene, OR

November 2006

The Bahamas to Host LNG (Liquefied Natural Gas) Protest Concert PRNewswire

Northeast lawmakers expect boost in LNG fight Boston Globe

Opposition Stirs With LNG Report Fairfield Citizen-News - CT

First victory for Trebanos protestors at LNG pipeline Indymedia UK

Cabrillo Port Smog Impact Estimates Climb Upward MalibuSurfsideNews

LNG opponents hail Ventura vote to hold facility to stricter ... Malibu Times - Malibu,CA

Department of Revolving Doors Los Angeles Times - CA Joe Desmond, the energy advisor to Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger, has taken a new job with a Houston-based company seeking to operate a liquefied natural gas terminal about 12 miles off the Ventura County coastline... Desmond is the former chairman of the California Energy Commission - which recently released a report calling for more LNG supply - but Desmond's job there ended when the state Senate refused to confirm him. Lawmakers thought he was too sympathetic to building coal-fired power plants and favored deregulation of the energy industry. Schwarzenegger then appointed him as undersecretary of energy affairs in the Resources Agency.

Pipeline protesters pull in a steady flow of support ic Wales - United Kingdom

Pipe protest enters second week BBC News - UK

New York Offshore LNG terminal gets FERC thumbs up Reuters - USA

LNG pipe march ic Wales - United Kingdom

Agency Backs LNG Terminal Hartford Courant Says Facility In Sound Would Be Safe; Foes Vow To Fight

FERC staff issue Draft Environmental Impact Statement on the Broadwater LNG Project, Long Island Sound

Feds refuse to back off permit for BP's LNG plant The News Journal - Wilmington, DE

Offshore plant suffers setback Los Angeles Times - CA

LNG Supply Chain Greenhouse Gas Emissions for the Cabrillo Deepwater Port "This report summarizes an analysis of greenhouse gas emissions from the entire supply chain as identified by BHP Billiton, the project’s applicant, as the likely source of natural gas delivered as LNG to the Cabrillo Deepwater Port receiving terminal offshore Los Angeles, Malibu, and Oxnard, California." Conclusion Summary:  “… accounting for emissions from production in Australia to combustion of the gas delivered to end-use customers in California - shows that emissions from BHP’s proposed LNG project are equivalent to 0.30 to 0.34 percent of total U.S. emissions (using EIA data for 2004).”

Protesters occupy LNG pipeline BBC News - UK

Yemen steps up security after Qaida threat United Press International - USA A Yemeni official, who spoke on condition of anonymity, told United Press International Friday that all security precautions have been taken at ports, airports and oil installations, especially at the site of a project for liquefied natural gas (LNG).... A private U.S. institution for financing foreign investments, OPIC, expressed in a recent report fears that the LNG project it is funding in Yemen could be a target for a terrorist attack on the model of the October 2000 attack on the USS Cole, which was hit by a booby-trapped boat in the port of Aden killing 17 American sailors. 

Schwarzenegger re-election delights BHP Sydney Morning Herald - Sydney, New South Wales, Australia

Taking aim at LNG plans Boston Globe;

US is urged to delay action on LNG ports Boston Globe

OPIC Concerned By Total-Led Yemen LNG Terror Risk-Sources Easy Bourse (Communiqués de presse) - Paris, France

BHP's still California dreaming The Australian - Sydney,Australia

Are You Voting for the Terminator's Terminals? Truthout.org

October 26, 2006

News Flash: Governor says no stand taken on LNG Malibu Times

October 23, 2006

Celebrities, Residents Protest LNG Terminal CBS 2 - Los Angeles,

Pierce Brosnan Brings Out Malibu's Hollywood Power to Oppose LNG PCH Press - Malibu  "Tim and Hayden Riley from LngDanger.com donated copies of their DVD The Risks And Dangers of LNG to the event. The Rileys have been involved in the movement to oppose LNG from the early stages. And, the film exposes the serious risks invovled in using LNG in the United States."

A wave of celebrity protest in Malibu Los Angeles Times 

October 17, 2006

Residents storm out of hearing on LNG tankers Providence Journal - Providence, RI

Anti-LNG forces rally with candidate in NB Coos Bay World - Coos Bay, OR

October 16, 2006

Liquefied gas' future in hands of next governor San Francisco Chronicle

October 15, 2006

Hundreds protest proposed LNG port Ventura County Star CA  With hopes of stemming what they see as a possible environmental and human catastrophe, hundreds gathered in downtown Oxnard Saturday to protest the proposed liquefied natural gas project just miles off the coast....  Protests were also held in Oregon, Washington and in Tijuana, Mexico.

October 14, 2006

Barge explosion death toll mounts The Daily Advertiser - Lafayette, LA Local authorities on Friday continued their search for the missing, now deemed a "recovery effort" while federal authorities investigated the reasons behind the explosion that occurred when a tugboat carrying two barges struck an underwater gas pipeline…

October 11, 2006

LNG fears raised in India Trade Winds (Subscription) "Safety fears over substandard construction hotly debated with LNG vessels as targets for terrorism once again to the fore."

October 9, 2006

Huge Baja Project May Chill Others' LNG Plans Los Angeles Times

El Paso Officially Scraps LNG Plan The Bahama Journal - Nassau, Bahamas When confronted with the news, Sam Duncombe of reEarth stated "one down, two to go."

October 6, 2006

Community Opposes LNG Plant; Lawsuit Filed WBAL Channel.com - Baltimore, MD

October 4, 2006

Bluffs Park site of two anti-LNG rallies same week Malibu Times - Malibu, CA

October 3, 2006

LNG site confirmed as Port Taranaki Radio New Zealand, New Zealand The location of a potential liquefied natural gas project in New Zealand has been confirmed as Port Taranaki. Radio New Zealand reported last month that Port Taranaki has been selected as the preferred site for the LNG import site in favour of Northport near Whangarei. Contact Energy and Genesis Energy are considering importing LNG to meet the country's rising energy needs, as the huge Maui gas field starts to run out.  The two have formed a new company called Gasbridge...

El Paso scraps plan for proposed pipeline to link Bahamian LNG to Florida SNLi

September 29, 2006

Angelides Opposes LNG Terminal Los Angeles Times "This coastline is one of our most precious assets, an asset we have an obligation to leave pristine for generations to come," Angelides told a cheering audience. "We cannot despoil our coast with these LNG facilities." Angelides criticized Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger for his support of marine LNG terminals, including one proposed by Australian energy giant BHP Billiton Inc. The company's plan to place a floating gas-processing plant 14 miles off the Southern California coast has drawn the wrath of many local elected officials and activists. Angelides said the plan is incompatible with the state's tradition of protecting the marine environment and beaches from energy development. He said if he were elected governor, he would veto the project.

The biggest issue you've never heard of San Francisco Chronicle "The big Austrialian company, BHP Billiton, has hired a law/lobbying firm which includes as a partner George Kieffer. Kieffer happens to be a friend of both the governor and his wife and is a chairman of the governor's re-election campaign." 

September 28, 2006

LNG site break-in prompts concern Boston Globe

September 27, 2006

Report Looks At Alarm In LNG Plant Breach Boston Channel.com - MA,

September 23, 2006 (

Bid to terminate BHP venture gains pace Sydney Morning Herald - Sydney,New South Wales, Australia

September 22, 2006

Large Numbers Of Dead Fish Found Near Sakhalin LNG Easy Bourse (Communiqués de presse) - Paris, France  LONDON -(Dow Jones)-

PUC Clears Way for Liquefied Gas Imports Los Angeles Times

Coast Guard: LNG terminal would require additional security Newsday - Long Island, NY "Based on current levels of mission activity, Coast Guard Sector Long Island currently does not have the resources required to implement the measures that have been identified as being necessary to effectively manage the potential risk to navigation safety and maritime security associated with the Broadwater Energy proposal," the report states.

Coast Guard Releases Broadwater LNG Safety and Security Report  USCG Press release   


September 21, 2006

ALERT: US EPA reopens comment period for Cabrillo Port water discharge ... U.S. EPA.gov (press release) - Washington, DC

Concerns Raised Over Natural Gas From Abroad Los Angeles Times - CA  

Related Story: LNG Causes Pipeline Leaks - Warning by LngDanger.com IndustrialNewsUpdate.com

Coast Guard assesses risk for natural gas terminal in Sound Newsday The Coast Guard has concluded that the giant liquid natural gas terminal proposed for Long Island Sound poses safety and security risks that would require added law enforcement and firefighting capability as well as escort boats to help prevent terrorist attacks, shipping accidents or environmental damage.

September 20, 2006

Hollywood versus BHP Melbourne Herald Sun - Australia  Celebrities who are supporting the anti-BHP proposal include Danny DeVito, Rhea Perlman, Sting, Dick Van Dyke, Jane Seymour, Dylan McDermott, Martin Sheen, James Brolin, Kenny G, Ted Danson, Mary Steenburgen, Cindy Crawford, Daryl Hannah and Ed Harris.

Natural gas surplus could trigger drilling cutbacks National Post - Canada CALGARY - With a 400-billion-cubic-foot natural gas surplus hanging over their heads, many oil and gas producers may be forced to pull back drilling activity in the coming months after having ramped up aggressively this decade in the belief the lowest-cost supplies of the fuel were running out. The huge surplus, a result of last year's balmy winter, is expected to push up inventory levels in the United States to an estimated 3.5 trillion cubic feet at the end of October, 12% higher than the five-year average. It's also the highest capable storage in the United States without adding compression. It's so big it is pushing gas prices to lows few thought would ever return.  See Also:  Analyst says US LNG not hurt by gas plunge HOUSTON, Sept 14 (Reuters) - The recent skid in natural gas prices will cause some private investors to restudy plans for U.S. liquefied natural gas terminals...

Bill to require divulging of ties to LNG builders Baltimore Sun

Hollywood A-Listers take on BHP Billiton over LNG terminal Antara - Indonesia

Maritimes and Northeast drops plan to carry liquefied natural gas ... ChronicleHerald.ca - Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada

September 19, 2006

Assemblymember Nava’s Concerns About Environmental Impacts of LNG ... California Progress Report - Oakland, California

September 16, 2006

Brosnan Protests Planned Gas Terminal Forbes - USA Pierce Brosnan and other celebrities on Friday protested plans to build a liquefied natural gas terminal off the coast of Southern California. A letter on Brosnan's Web site questioning the project's impact was signed by Barbra Streisand, Cindy Crawford, Martin Sheen, Tom Hanks, Sting and Charlize Theron. 

September 15, 2006

Bond takes on LNG Ventura County Reporter - CA

September 13, 2006

ReEarth Slams PLP and FMN Nassau Guardian - The Bahamas If reEarth Director Sam Duncombe had her way, there would be no construction of a liquefied natural gas (LNG) facility in The Bahamas, period.

MARKEY UNVEILS 9/11 ANNIV. REPORT ON STATE OF MASS. HOMELAND SECURITY WASHINGTON, DC - Rep. Edward 3. Markey D-MA, a senior member of the House Homeland Security Committee, released a report entitled "To Secure America: The State of homeland Security and Implications for Massachusetts," on the fifth anniversary of the terrorist attacks of September 11, 2001... Markey's report examines the state of aviation, chemical, nuclear, LNG, public transportation, and hazardous materials security, and includes a focus on how these security weaknesses affect Massachusetts. Markey’s report can be found here: Markey MA Homeland Security Report 9-8-2006.pdf

Screening of Gore film to kick off anti-LNG campaign Malibu Times - CA

September 12, 2006

LNG’s breach of trust: Officials say security still lax after ... Boston Herald

PM Wants LNG Regulations The Bahama Journal - Nassau, Bahamas

September 11, 2006

Referendum Call On LNG The Bahama Journal - Nassau, Bahamas Residents of Cat Cay in the Northern Bahamas remain deeply concerned that the Government of The Bahamas is negotiating a heads of agreement with the AES Corporation to construct a liquefied natural gas plant at Ocean Cay, according to Cat Cay Club President Lance Mortensen..."The message to the government should be very simple, and that’s that they should go out to the Bahamian population as a whole and ask the question whether LNG is really good for The Bahamas," he said.

City Unanimously Adopts Resolution To Oppose LNG And Co-Hosts ... PCH Press - Malibu, CA

September 10, 2006

Despite millions spent, Boston is vulnerable Boston Globe

The Berge Boston, a liquefied natural gas tanker on its way to the Distrigas terminal in Everett, headed into Boston Harbor under the flight path of Logan International Airport. The weekly shipments have drawn extraordinarily tight security since the Sept. 11 terror attacks.

LNG - Liquefied natural gas tanker on its way to the Distrigas terminal in Everett, headed into Boston Harbor under the flight path of Logan International Airport.

(Photo credit: Boston Globe by David L. Ryan/ Globe Staff)


'We'll go to jail to block gas pipe' ic Wales, United Kingdom PROTESTORS fighting a vast new gas pipeline running right across Wales have vowed to go to prison rather than let the scheme go ahead. A network of opposition groups, alongside a coalition of local residents and eco-warriors, is determined to wreck the proposed 116-mile natural gas pipeline between Milford Haven and Gloucestershire. The line, one of Britain's biggest engineering projects of recent years, will link two liquefied natural gas terminals at Milford Haven with the UK network.

September 9, 2006

Rhode Island AG Lynch Files To Prevent LNG Sitings In Urban Areas  Department of The Attorney General, Rhode Island

September 6, 2006

County supervisor blasts LNG proposal Malibu Times - Malibu   In his letter, Yaroslavsky said the proposal "poses significant public safety impacts," "would severely damage the scenic beauty of the Malibu coast" and threatened the environment. He also challenged BHP Billiton's argument that LNG was a clean alternative fuel.

September 5, 2006

Woodside reveals cost blowout at LNG project The Australian - Sydney RISING labour costs from the nationwide skills shortage have claimed another victim, pushing costs for the LNG Train 5 expansion at the North West Shelf up 21 per cent to $2.425 billion... All project partners - BHP Billiton, BP, Chevron, Japan Australia LNG, Shell and Woodside - approved the cost increase.

August 29, 2006

State to conduct terrorism drill next month Boston Herald  BOSTON - Massachusetts plans to conduct a wide-ranging anti-terrorism drill next month that will cover a number of potential nightmares in the Boston area ranging from a threat to an LNG facility to a “dirty” bomb at a mall.

ALERT:   CBS LNG VIDEO   Security at LNG plant in Lynn, MA,  Practically Non-Existent?

August 26, 2006

Bill Will Mandate Public Discussion of Liquefied Natural Gas California Progress Report

August 25, 2006

Massachusetts governor orders safety review of LNG storage sites Platts (subscription)

August 24, 2006

Woodside shuts LNG unit The Australian - Sydney "AUSTRALIA's biggest single LNG production facility is out of action until the middle of next month after Woodside Petroleum shut down the fourth production train on the North West Shelf. The failure, the third since the $1.6 billion production train was commissioned two years ago, is the latest in series of problems affecting Woodside, the Shelf project operator... Because of the high temperatures at which the LNG plant operates, it takes time to determine the causes of major equipment failures, as processing equipment must be cooled down before inspections can be safely carried out..."

August 23, 2006

ALERT:  CBS LNG VIDEO    LNG Security Breach Spurs Concern 

LNG Storage Facility Security Breached Boston Channel.com - MA Officials Call For Further Investigation

LNG attack could ignite firestorm The Daily Item of Lynn, MA

Security breach reported at Lynn LNG facility Boston Globe Authorities were especially displeased with the five-day lag between the Aug. 16 security breach and when KeySpan Corp. reported it to the state on Monday, said Mike Coelho, chief of staff of the state Executive Office of Public Safety.

Opposition builds to Sound LNG plan Connecticut Post - Bridgeport, CT

Few respond to $200,000 LNG offer Bangor Daily News - Bangor, ME

August 22, 2006

ALERT: CBS LNG VIDEO   State Anti-Terror Unit Investigates LNG Security Breach In Lynn, MA

Camera Catches Break-In At Lynn's LNG Facility CBS4Boston - Boston The Executive Office of Public Safety (EOPS) is asking police to take extra security precautions after an alarming discovery at the liquefied natural gas storage facility in Lynn... When the facility's surveillance cameras were reviewed, two men were captured cutting through the fence and climbing to the top of the storage tank on August 16.

Terminal Gas Problem Los Angeles Times

BP shelves isle LNG project Daily News - Galveston County - TX,

August 21, 2006

Pacific Green Party Opposes Liquid Natural Gas Facilities in ... Green Party US (press release) - Washington, DC

August 20, 2006

LNG safeguards San Francisco Chronicle - CA, To ensure that a governor's decision is based on sound analysis, state Sen. Joe Simitian's SB426 would require the California Energy Commission to evaluate and rank LNG proposals on the basis of health, safety, economic potential, environment and national security. The governor would be compelled to reject any application that was not among the top two in the rankings.

Woodside in LNG pitch to California The Australian - Sydney "We are actively looking for access points on the east coast, the Gulf coast and the west coast," Mr Voelte said in Sydney. "We're just trying to figure out whether we want to take an equity position or not. We want to have the availability at the time to divert cargoes to the highest-price market."

August 18, 2006

Australia's Woodside seeks US port license, pipeline approvals for ... Life Style Extra - UK SYDNEY (XFN-ASIA) - Woodside Petroleum said it has applied to US government agencies to build and operate a proposed OceanWay liquefied natural gas project designed to bring Australian natural gas to California. [Here is a Radial Map - Proposed Site Location - (PDF) of the new Woodside offshore LNG proposal. Note the closest continental landfall is again Malibu - directly south of Point Dume; the distance is similar to the Platform Grace proposal in relationship to Malibu.]

Broadwater Foes Brace for Conflicts Over LNG Terminal Westport-News - Westport ,CT Blumenthal said that he is "determined" to block the proposal by using "every possible avenue of attack in both federal and state agencies."

DeFazio opposes eminent domain in pipeline construction News-Review - Roseburg, OR ... The proposed 36-inch pipeline would stretch across southwest Oregon from a liquefied natural gas terminal in Coos Bay... DeFazio wrote he is opposed to the company using eminent domain to seize private property to facilitate construction of the pipeline. "I don't think it's right that a company has such extraordinary power," DeFazio said in a phone interview.

August 17, 2006

Would-be pipeline builder offers huge grant to Wahkiakum ... Longview Daily News, WA "NorthernStar Natural Gas has pledged up to $20 million for community projects in Wahkiakum County and surrounding areas if it gets to build a liquified natural gas terminal along the Columbia River... NorthernStar made a $100,000 donation to the Wahkiakum Community Foundation Thursday. It also promised $100,000 a year until the terminal is built, then up to $500,000 a year for every year the facility is in operation." (Note: This is the same company proposing an LNG facility dubbed 'Clearwater Port' offshore of Malibu/Oxnard/Santa Barbra, California at the oilrig Platform Grace.)

August 14, 2006

Russia: The Birth Of A Gas Cartel? RadioFreeEurope/RadioLiberty "Is Russia -- the world's leading producer of natural gas -- preparing to create a gas equivalent of the Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries (OPEC)? The possibility of such a cartel has been discussed by Russian policymakers for years. But a "memorandum of understanding" signed between Russia and Algeria on August 4, which significantly calls for coordinated gas prices, could perhaps be a move in this direction."

Gazprom, Algeria’s Sonatrach Sign Official Cooperation Accord MOSNEWS - Russia "Two of the world’s leading producers and exporters of natural gas, Gazprom of Russia and Algeria’s Sonatrach, ended an awkward delay of six months by signing a memorandum of understanding on Friday, Aug. 11, in Moscow... Russian sources also told Mineweb that there had been 'political pressure' from the United States on Sanatrach, which exports liquefied natural gas (LNG) to the American market. If the information was true, the wording of the agreement which the vice presidents of Sonatrach and Gazprom have now signed, appears to confirm that the pressure has failed to make its mark, and an alliance for the North American, as well as the West European markets, is the very direction the two companies are now committed to taking; not least of all for future shipments of LNG from a proposed new plant on the Baltic coast, near St. Petersburg... Russian strategy at the governmental level will also make sure that its gunboats, along with Iran’s, deter any US-contrived plan to encourage a pipeline on the bed of the Caspian Sea to transport either oil or gas from the eastern shore to US-guarded facilities in Azerbaijan or Turkey."

Oil workers released in Nigeria BBC News  The three Filipinos were freed on Monday and handed over to the Philippine embassy. They had been working at the Nigeria Liquefied Natural Gas complex in Bonny.  There is no news on a German oil worker who was taken at the same time. Last Wednesday, two Norwegians and two Ukrainians were seized from a ship offshore.

Floating factory could change future of LNG Boston Globe As fears swirl over the risk of a catastrophic accident or terrorist attack at LNG terminals on land, many see such floating factories as a safer alternative for meeting surging energy demand in the United States... Two offshore LNG ports have been proposed off Gloucester, including one by Texas-based Excelerate Energy LLC, the company that charters Excelsior and owns the port in the Gulf. There is significant opposition to the Gulf terminal and other proposed LNG deepwater ports nearby because they can take in more than 135 million gallons of the warm Gulf water a day to vaporize the liquefied gas, killing billions of fish eggs and larvae in the process.... A spokesman for Governor Mitt Romney said that offshore LNG is a far better alternative than putting terminals onshore, but that Romney is withholding final judgment on the two Gloucester projects until they are studied more.

August 12, 2006

Romney backs city in LNG fight Fall River Herald News - MA

August 9, 2006

AG answers $1m claim The Bahamas, Nassau Guardian

August 7, 2006

Whole Bay Study confirms LNG opponents' arguments Bangor Daily News - Bangor, ME

August 3, 2006

Propaganda and the push for LNG Highland Community News

August 2, 2006

Bill bars LNG tankers from vicinity of bridges Boston Globe

Ingraham questions AG's role in LNG The Bahamas, Nassau Guardian

August 1, 2006

Ministers in LNG rift The Bahamas, Nassau Guardian A rift over the Ocean Cay LNG project appears to have split Perry Christie's cabinet. The controversial plan to build a multi-million dollar liquefied natural gas regassification terminal has sparked intense debate within high-ranking government circles. At least two senior ministers have made it clear in Cabinet that they think the project would harm the tourism industry and endanger the environment, The Guardian understands.

July 28, 2006

LNG battle raging on  The Bahamas, Nassau Guardian

Senators oppose their own commission's LNG report Boston Globe

July 27, 2006

BEST Chairman Concerned By LNG Revelation The Bahama Journal - Nassau, Bahamas

Call for LNG referendum The Bahamas, Nassau Guardian

Law would stall Fall River LNG: Mass. bill’s ‘buffers’ mimic ... Boston Herald

July 26, 2006

'Australia-only' gas ignites row The Australian - Sydney, Australia

LNG Deal Approved The Bahama Journal - Nassau, Bahamas Five years after the Ingraham administration granted approvals in principle to three energy companies seeking the green light to construct liquefied natural gas (LNG) terminals in The Bahamas, the Christie government has started negotiating a heads of agreement with the AES Corporation.

July 25, 2006

Blanco to get new LNG plan 2TheAdvocate - Baton Rouge, LA The $955 million liquefied natural gas project, a revised version of the one vetoed by Gov. Kathleen Blanco in May, should enter a new public comment period in late September, the U.S. Coast Guard said. Blanco would have 45 days to block it.

July 22, 2006

Bridge bill blocks LNG Fall River Herald News - MA Along with the clearance restrictions, Correia and Menard included language in the bill that mimics a law recently passed Rhode Island that would prohibit assets of the commonwealth from being in the safety and security zones for LNG tankers as established by the Coast Guard. That zone extends two miles ahead of the ship, one mile behind it, 1,000 yards on each side and 30 feet above the ship. The bill prohibits in the zone any people, piers, wharves, docks, bulkheads, waterfront facilities, flammable materials, hunting grounds or areas from which an incendiary device could be launched, or where welding, torch-cutting or hot work is being performed.

Putin plan to shut out US oil giants Guardian Unlimited - UK

July 21, 2006

First responders say incident a close call Providence Journal "While some portions of the 1,000-foot dock still burned yesterday afternoon, Mahoney said: 'I imagine those people who were planning on putting those LNG tanks in there had a setback.'"

Delaware says federal regulators erred in LNG decision The News Journal - Wilmington, DE

July 20, 2006

Citizen Safety a Paramount Concern: Washington Gas Requests Rehearing on FERC Decision to Allow Cove Point LNG Terminal Expansion Yahoo! News "Washington Gas experienced an increased number of leaks in an area of Prince George's County, Md., in late 2003. The leaks began shortly after the Cove Point LNG terminal was reactivated. Independent scientific testing and analysis confirmed that a change in gas composition was the key contributing factor to the increased leaks. The change was coincident with the introduction of natural gas from the Cove Point terminal. Washington Gas said that the FERC disregarded key facts that link natural gas from Dominion's Cove Point terminal to the leaks."

July 19, 2006

Putin signs law to confirm Gazprom's monopoly Reuters - USA

The rise and rise of Russia Asia Times Online - Kowloon, Hong Kong

July 15, 2006

US oil firms get little play at Bush-Putin meeting Washington Post  

July 14, 2006

Jordan Liquid-Gas Ship Mishap Injures 19 All Headline News

July 13, 2006

Ship carrying liquid gas burns off Jordan Seattle Post Intelligencer  AMMAN, Jordan -- A tanker carrying liquefied natural gas caught fire as it unloaded Thursday in Aqaba, injuring 12 people, the manager of the Jordanian port said. Four of the injured were firefighters, who needed an hour to bring the blaze under control, said Awwad al-Maaytah, the director general of Aqaba Port Authority. The other injured were crewmen. The ship was promptly evacuated and towed away from the pier in the Red Sea port having unloaded only half of its cargo. Al-Maaytah said the cause of the fire was under investigation.

Suffolk Moves to Ban Floating LNG Facilities Northender - Oyster Bay, NY Suffolk County Executive Steve Levy and the leaders of the Suffolk County Legislature announced today that they were filing a bill that would prevent the construction of LNG (Liquified Natural Gas) facilities in the waters of the Long Island Sound off Suffolk's north shore.

July 12, 2006

Governor signs law restricting LNG tankers from Narragansett Bay Eyewitness News - East Providence, RI  PROVIDENCE, R.I. Rhode Island Governor Don Carcieri has signed a law effectively banning liquefied natural gas tankers from Narragansett Bay. Representative Raymond Gallison Junior says the law could hinder plans to build a 250-million dollar L-N-G terminal at Weaver's Cove in Fall River. The proposed site sits along the Taunton River. Rhode Island and Massachusetts officials have called the project dangerous. They say an accident or an attack on an L-N-G tanker moving through coastal waters could cause a massive fire or explosion.

July 11, 2006

LNG plan for site off Gloucester gets 1st OK Boston Globe

OMV, partners plan to build Croatia's first LNG port at Krk Budapest Business Journal - Budapest, Hungary  OMV hopes to build the terminal on the Isle of Krk with other companies including Croatia's INA Industrija Nafte DD.

July 10, 2006

Russian moves spark 'gas OPEC' fears ISN - Zurich,Switzerland Despite subsequent denials, recent calls by some Russian officials to create an OPEC-like gas producers' grouping - a reference to the world's oil cartel and its history of politically motivated supply cut-offs - are an ominous sign for European energy supply security.

US Welcomes Russian Investment in LNG Terminals MOSNEWS, Russia

Protests Against LNG Terminals Held in Trieste OneWorld.net - London,England,UK A great international protest against the planned construction of two LNG (Liquid Natural Gas) terminals near Trieste were held on July 1...

July 7, 2006

Oil prices ease from above $75 per barrel VenturaCountyStar Natural gas futures fall to 2004 prices "Meanwhile, natural gas futures fell to their lowest level in nearly two years as domestic supplies in storage grew to roughly 30 percent above their five-year average." "The United States is awash in natural gas and some analysts believe there may not be enough underground storage capacity, potentially forcing some producers to shut wells."

Port of Astoria joins liquefied natural gas debate kgw.com (subscription) - Portland, OR "The port commission voted unanimously at a special meeting yesterday to formally seek intervener status in the project, just one day before the filing deadline. Intervener status will allow the port and the other parties to review documents and appeal decisions of the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission -- which makes the final decision."

July 1, 2006

LNG developers accuse RI government of stalling Eyewitness News

June 30, 2006

Boston’s ‘ticking time bomb’ Boston Herald

June 29, 2006

BP accused of rigging US propane prices International Herald Tribune - France "U.S. federal regulators have charged that BP manipulated the price of propane two years ago by cornering the market through its dominant position, resulting in higher heating costs for millions of American households at the peak of winter demand."

FERC report policy riles LNG foes Bangor Daily News - Bangor, ME "Some of the information in the reports is not being made public, however, angering a group that is opposed to development of LNG terminals on the bay. The resource reports reflect expert opinions on the estimated effect of the terminal on wildlife, the economy, air quality, recreational activity and other aspects of the Passamaquoddy Bay area, according to Quoddy Bay LLC."

June 22, 2006

A New OPEC in the Making? The Moscow Times - Russia "Steps by the world's top gas producers -- with Russia indisputably in the lead -- 'may lead to the creation of a gas suppliers' alliance that will be more effective and influential than OPEC,' Yazev said."

Another hit against LNG Anchorage Daily News  All three independent consultant reports issued in the past 90 days agree that North Slope gas piped to Valdez, liquefied, loaded aboard expensive tankers, hauled to ports somewhere on the Canadian or U.S. West Coast, turned back into gas and then sent by pipe to consumers would be worth less to Alaska in taxes and royalties than gas shipped direct by pipe to mid-America... It takes a lot of gas to run the equipment to supercool natural gas, turning it into a liquid for shipment aboard tankers, which then burn more gas to power their engines. PFC estimates liquefaction and tanker consumption would burn up about twice as much gas as compressor stations along a pipeline from Alaska to Alberta. That's wasted gas, which means less state revenue.

June 21, 2006

Control Sought Over LNG Proposal Suffolk Life Newspapers - Riverhead, NY In response to New York State legislation that would put the Long Island Sound under state control, Suffolk County officials have announced their support of the bill, which they believe will aid in preventing a liquefied natural gas terminal from being built in the waters off Long Island.

June 20, 2006

US LNG Imports Falling Fast, Surprising Analysts HOUSTON, TX  "The factors that have led recently to falling imports include delayed construction of export plants, strong demand in Europe and Asia, falling U.S. gas demand, resilient domestic production, mild weather, and regulations that prevent power producers from entering into take-or-pay contracts."

National security cited for delay in liquefied natural gas ... Corvallis Gazette Times - Corvallis, OR  ... "All have sparked local opposition, but Northern Star’s recent request to keep the records secret has raised new concerns about transparency and the public’s rights. The Houston-based company requested that the Coast Guard keep the risk assessment secret as 'confidential commercial, financial and proprietary business information exempt from Freedom of Information Act disclosure.'  But Coast Guard officials are withholding the document because they say its release could compromise national security."

Council blocks LNG facilities near homes Examiner.com The Baltimore County Council passed a bill Monday banning liquefied natural gas facilities within five miles of homes — essentially blocking the proposed LNG terminal at the Sparrows Point Shipyard — but project supporters are questioning the bill’s authority.

June 16, 2006

FERC approves five new LNG projects Monsters and Critics.com - Glasgow, UK WASHINGTON, DC, United States (UPI) -- The U.S. Federal Energy Regulatory Commission Thursday OK`d five liquefied natural gas import facility applications. Three are applications for new LNG import terminals and two are for expansions of existing LNG import facilities. If all five become operational, U.S. LNG-import vaporization capacity initially will increase to 8.2 billion cubic feet per day, and eventually to 9.7 billion cubic feet per day. The three new LNG plans approved are the Creole Trail LNG & Creole Trail Pipeline in Louisiana; the Port Arthur LNG and Port Arthur Pipeline in Texas; and Crown Landing LNG project in New Jersey. The two applications for expansions are Sabine Pass LNG project in Louisiana and the Dominion Cove Point LNG project in Maryland.

June 14, 2006

BHP Billiton fined over gas explosion The Age - Melbourne, Victoria, Australia "Mining giant BHP Billiton Ltd has been fined $200,000 after admitting to negligence that led to a fatal gas explosion at its iron plant in Western Australia's north... Counsel for BHP, Ken Martin, QC, said the company accepted full responsibility for the blast. 'The company recognises it could have done more and should have done more to provide (a safe environment),' Mr Martin said."

Read PDF on this issue raised by Tim & Hayden Riley in their Public Comments Re: Revised Draft EIS/EIR for the Cabrillo Port LNG Deepwater Port Application

Spot cargoes spark LNG price war Times of India - India

Effect of proposed ban on LNG sites not clear Baltimore Sun

June 12, 2006

ALERT: The newest LNG Carriers will hold more than DOUBLE the volume of LNG

Nakilat, largest LNG ships AME Info - United Arab Emirates  “The Qatar Gas Transport Company has ordered six Q-max LNG carriers which, when ready, will be the largest in the world in terms of capacity, according to Gulf News. Each carrier will have a capacity of 265,000 cubic metres. It was reported here last month that Nakilat had ordered 10 LNG carriers from South Korean shipbuilders Daewoo, Hyundai and Samsung at a cost of $5bn.”

Russia Bargains for Bigger Stake in West's Energy The New York Times Now the Russians appear interested in investing in pipelines and liquefied natural gas conversion facilities on the East Coast, which some experts fear could reignite the passions that swirled around Unocal and the Dubai port deals, both of which fell through. Critics of those deals successfully argued that they would have surrendered vital strategic economic assets to foreign control.

June 10, 2006

FIRE AT LNG PLANT Trinidad News - Port of Spain, Trinidad and Tobago  YET another blowout has occurred at Atlantic LNG in Point Fortin.

Firm files to build LNG plant in Oregon OregonLive.com - Portland, OR Northern Star is the first company to file for formal approval for such a project in Oregon. Four other sites -- three along the Columbia River and one in Coos Bay -- have also been proposed.

June 9, 2006

Nigerian unrest 'shuts in 800,000 bpd' UpstreamOnLine.com A Nigerian government official admitted that production shut in due to unrest in the country's Niger Delta was higher than previously reported.

June 8, 2006

Korean hostages in Nigeria to be freed - militants Khaleej Times - Dubai, United Arab Emirates  "The abduction was the latest example of a wave of violence against the oil industry in the delta of southern Nigeria, where militancy is fuelled by poverty, lawlessness, corruption and struggles for control of a lucrative oil theft business... The attack forced Shell to shut 75 million cubic feet a day of natural gas output, which is normally sent to a big liquefied natural gas export plant at Bonny, industry sources said." 

Gas pipeline proposal protested Baltimore Sun

June 7, 2006

EPA lambasted at LNG hearing MalibuTimes.com

June 6, 2006

Watchdog urges end to LNG project CNN International SYDNEY, Australia (Reuters) -- The Environmental Protection Authority in Western Australia said on Tuesday it would advise the government to reject the proposed Australia $11 billion ($8 billion) Gorgon liquefied natural gas (LNG) project off the state's coast. "We find the project environmentally unacceptable and advise the government to reject it," authority spokesman Charlie Maling told Reuters. Almost half of the project's 10 million annual tonnes of LNG has been pre-sold to Japanese customers, while partners are understood to be marketing to further customers in the United States and India.

Liquefied gas projects technically risky - Gazprom Chief RIA Novosti - Moscow AMSTERDAM - Projects involving liquefied natural gas carry high risks in terms of technological and technical implementation, the head of Russian energy giant Gazprom said Tuesday. “Budgets have to be multiplied for many projects and implementation is often far behind schedule. Analysis shows that current technologies are not reliable enough,” Alexei Miller told the 23rd World Gas Conference in Amsterdam, adding that LNG projects often produced numerous surprises. Miller said he was worried that LNG was sometimes used as an extra argument to abandon tried-and-tested gas transportation schemes and technologies. “We are skeptical about attempts to represent LNG as a universal means to improve energy security for gas purchasers,” he said.

Gorgon LNG project hits 'green' hurdle MSNBC An Australian environmental agency on Tuesday dealt Chevron, ExxonMobil and Shell a blow, issuing a report that argues against development of the A$11bn (US$8.3bn) Gorgon liquefied natural gas (LNG) project.

Chevron Gorgon LNG Project Can't Proceed, Agency Says (Update3) Bloomberg

Sparrows Point LNG plant raises fears Baltimore Sun Potential for explosions, terror threats, restricted waterway access concerns residents - County Fire Chief John Hohman said that he has been asked repeatedly what his department would need to be adequately prepared to respond to an LNG disaster in the county. "There is no way to prepare for that kind of disaster, and if we believe there is, we are simply fooling ourselves and our citizens," he said.

Residents, county, governor: Natural gas plant not wanted Examiner.com

LNG Lobbying Added To List of Duties PCH Press - Malibu At the request of Councilmember Andy Stern, the city has on its Monday June 12, 2006 Council meeting agenda to direct the City's lobbyists to lobby the California State Legislature and Governor's Office in opposition to the proposed Cabrillo Port facility.

June 5, 2006

Hearing means facility for LNG almost locked in Ventura County Star (subscription) CA

June 4, 2006

Lines drawn on gas plant Baltimore Sun  "We've tested a nuclear bomb," said Tim Riley, a California attorney who with his wife produced a film, The Risks and Danger of LNG, based in part on a study that offers the direst predictions. Riley, whose film has been viewed by elected officials and more than a dozen community groups in the Baltimore area, argues that no more LNG projects should be approved until the facilities can be proved safe. "Until a large-spill test of LNG is done," he says, "we're just shooting in the dark."

    NOTE: Others who are also interested in obtaining usage rights to the film for public screenings must contact the Law Office of Tim Riley at 760-683-5898 to discuss the fees and terms for such authorization which must be in writing. The licensing fees help us offset the administrative costs in providing vital information worldwide about the risks and danger of LNG.

Conclusions of LNG studies Baltimore Sun

May 28, 2006

ALERT:  PUBLIC HEARING:  Will EPA ISSUE OR DENY CABRILLO PORT LNG AIR EMISSIONS PERMIT?  After all comments are received, EPA will make a final decision. APPEAR:   June 5, 2006 1:00 – 4:00 p.m., and 6:00 – 9:00 p.m.  Oxnard Performing Arts and Convention Center  800 Hobson Way  Oxnard, CA 93030 SUBMIT WRITTEN COMMENTS:   Via email or mail by July 3, 2006 to: cabrilloportpermit@epa.gov , or mail to:  Joe Lapka (AIR-3)  EPA Region 9  75 Hawthorne Street  San Francisco, CA 94104-3901  (415) 947-4226

May 27, 2006

LNG terminal in NS in doubt Regina Leader-Post - Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada

May 25, 2006

Russian-Algerian Agreement Sparks LNG Cartel Fears in Europe

May 22, 2006

LNG plant evacuated again Trinidad & Tobago Express  Employees of the Atlantic LNG plant at Point Fortin were evacuated yesterday for the second time in three days when a report of an explosion was made to the Control Room.

Liquefied natural gas land deal unveiled Ireland Online - Dublin, Ireland Regional development agency Shannon Development has entered into an "option-to-purchase" agreement with Shannon LNG in relation to 281 acres of the 600-acre Shannon Development-owned land bank between Tarbert and Ballylongford, Co Kerry.

May 20, 2006

Atlantic gas leak under control Trinidad News

Crash snarls region's roads for 10 hours Boston Globe

LNG foes criticize RI deal Fall River Herald News - MA

LNG a step closer to reality  Biloxi Sun Herald - MS

Chevron confirms Gorgon delays Australian - Sydney, Australia CHEVRON, the leader of the Gorgon LNG joint venture, has formally admitted to customers that it is not likely to meet the 2010 timetable for deliveries.... The decision to delay the final commitment to the project comes as speculation mounts that the construction costs have blown out to $18 billion.

May 19, 2006

Why Worry If the Energy Industry Says LNG is Safe?   pchPress.com Op-Ed

Kremlin threatens to block US role in giant gas project Times Online - UK The rift between Moscow and Washington widened yesterday when the Kremlin threatened to block US participation in a giant liquefied natural gas project if America continued to oppose Russia’s admission to the World Trade Organisation (WTO)... Washington’s criticism of Russia’s nationalist energy policy has angered President Putin. Dick Cheney, the US Vice-President, accused Russia this month of using its oil and gas reserves as weapons of “intimidation or blackmail”.

Feds object to LNG facility on Outer Brewster Island Eyewitness News - East Providence, RI

May 18, 2006

Outer Brewster Island LNG site faces Park Service opposition Boston Globe

May 16, 2006

‘Nigeria LNG at risk, global shortage feared’ Financial Express - Bombay, India SYDNEY, MAY 16: Nigeria LNG Ltd’s $8.5 billion plant and pipeline network has become a target for militants, threatening a supply cut that may worsen a global liquefied natural gas shortage, Deutsche Bank AG said. Militants claiming to be affiliated with the Movement for the Emancipation of the Niger Delta, or MEND, had a plan in place as of early April to blow up the LNG plant on Bonny Island, the Overseas Security Advisory Council, a U.S. government agency, said April 26. The plant represents about a tenth of global LNG supply, Deutsche said.

Government likely to terminate gas exports Jakarta Post - Jakarta, Indonesia The proposal to halt LPG exports has been on the cards since the government recently announced its long-term policy of reducing liquefied natural gas (LNG) exports to anticipate a possible oil crisis resulting from growing demand and soaring global oil prices. In March, President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono said that LNG export contracts expiring in 2009 would not be renewed. "To secure our energy supplies in the future, we need to reallocate energy resources, especially in cases where the contracts have expired, to meet domestic demand," Purnomo said.

Lawyers file 143-page objection to Malibu LNG project Malibu Times - Malibu,

May 15, 2006

The National Battle to Fight LNG  pch Press.com

May 14, 2006

NB premier urges US to block proposed LNG terminal Ottawa Citizen - Ontario, Canada

May 11, 2006

House bill would block LNG tankers from RI waters Newport Daily News - Newport, RI ... The House unanimously approved legislation that would, in effect, block LNG tankers from sailing through Rhode Island waters to get to the terminal. ...

LNG plant still leaking gas ABC Regional Online - Australia Conoco Phillips has confirmed gas is still leaking from its LNG plant in Darwin more than two months after the problem was first identified... "All sorts of assurances were given that this facility that was going to be built right in the middle of the harbour and close to residential areas was going to be very safe and that there was going to be strict monitoring and regulation and so on and so forth,"...

Blanco: La. must get cut of revenue 2TheAdvocate - Baton Rouge, LA Gov. Kathleen Blanco has put the energy industry on notice that any liquefied natural gas terminals permitted offshore in the Gulf of Mexico could have to give Louisiana a share of the revenue they generate.

Energy Co. Mulls LNG Tanker Explosion As Test CBS4Boston - Boston An anonymous energy company is mulling a plan to purposely blow up an LNG tanker. The explosion could help determine what type of damage could be done by a terrorist attack on a natural gas tanker.

May 10, 2006

Local fight ramps up against LNG terminal Malibu Times - Malibu, CA

May 8, 2006

McMoRan to alter technology to get LNG terminal The Daily Advertiser - Lafayette, LA, NEW ORLEANS (AP) — After being hit by a veto from Louisiana’s governor, an energy company said today that it would alter the technology of a proposed liquefied natural gas terminal in order to alleviate environmental concerns and win approval of the project

May 7, 2006

One sunny April day near the LNG tank, a close call on Mystic Boston Globe From a video of the incident, it appears a 600-foot salt carrier came only a few feet from crashing into the Exxon pier in Chelsea on a sunny Monday last month, in potentially disastrous proximity to the nearby liquefied natural gas terminal in Everett

May 6, 2006

Riley says he supports Blanco veto of proposed LNG project WTVM,  GA 

May 5, 2006

Louisiana Gov. Blanco Denies Offshore LNG Application Bayou Buzz - Metairie, LA BATON ROUGE, LA—In a written statement, on Friday, Governor Kathleen Babineaux Blanco has announced her decision to deny the Freeport McMoran application for new liquefied natural gas facilities off the coast of Louisiana...and acting under authority of the Deepwater Port Act, and particularly 33 United States Code Sections 1503(c)8 and 1508(b)(1), and for the reasons expressed above and in Secretary Landreneau´s letter, as Governor of the state of Louisiana, I hereby disapprove the application...

May 3, 2006

Bad news for LNG Anchorage Daily News - Anchorage, AK

New England lawmakers urge regional approach on LNG Boston Globe

Blumenthal Opposes LNG in Long Island Sound Westport-News - Westport, CT

Public comment period open for proposed LNG water permit Malibu Times - Malibu, CA

May 2, 2006

ALERT: New Sandia Report of 7 Mile LNG Vapor Cloud Emediawire “This new Sandia 7 mile ‘worst case’ scenario is even more frightening than their earlier ‘worst case’ reported in December of 2004, which determined an offshore flammable LNG vapor cloud could extend approximately 2 miles,” said co-producer Tim Riley... In their film, The Risks and Danger of LNG, the Riley’s provide a vivid and riveting counter-point to the LNG industry safety claims by exposing the documented hazards of LNG. They point out the unreliability and inconsistency of LNG computer modeling, and urge the federal government to conduct large-scale offshore LNG spill tests. In the film Hayden Riley states, "We tested the nuclear bomb, we tested before sending man into outer space, yet our federal government still hasn't conducted the necessary large-scale LNG spill tests.” “Until these tests are performed and fully understood, the LNG approval process should be halted worldwide. This is one of the strongest messages of our documentary film,” said Tim Riley who also co-wrote the compelling movie.

May 1, 2006

FERC moves three LNG projects closer to final approval Oil & Gas Journal - Houston, TX

April 30, 2006

NATO Needed To Prevent LNG Terrorism  FT FinancialTimes.com ...  At the same Brussels meeting, James Jones, Nato’s top military commander, said the military alliance could guard shipments of liquefied natural gas against terrorist attacks – a step that could help diversify supply and reduce dependence on pipelines. “Where you have piracy on the high seas off the Horn of Africa and in the Gulf of Guinea . . . one might think that would be a good thing to do and to think about,” he told the FT in an interview. “We could also, on land, use special forces to assist nations in enhanced security measures along pipelines.” While Europe imports 25 per cent of its gas from Russia, alternative sources of supplies from Africa, the Middle East and Central Asia may be much more vulnerable to terrorist acts and political risk.

April 29, 2006

Feds give go ahead for LNG plant Amid concerns... Philadelphia Inquirer The Federal Energy Regulatory Commission, in its final environmental impact statement, predicted that with certain qualifications the project would carry "limited adverse impacts." The plan still requires full approval from the commission.

April 28, 2006

New partner emerges for Clearwater Port Pacific Coast Business Times - Santa Barbara, CA

ALERT:  RELATED STORIES April 27, 2006; April 26, 2006; April 19, 2006

Sheriffs call for CHP Back-up at LNG Hearing in Malibu

The Rich, Famous and Typically Laid-Back Malibu Community is in a Major Uproar Against LNG

Hearing on huge LNG plan draws hisses, boos, catcalls Capitol Weekly - Sacramento ,CA

Malibu bares anger at LNG meeting Malibu Times - Malibu, CA,

CHP and Sheriff's deputies are called to control the angry crowd. Malibu Times by Hans Laetz   Catcalls, jeers and hisses greet Australian officials and ship captains who favor a proposal to anchor a liquefied natural gas ship off the shore of Malibu. CHP and Sheriff's deputies are called to control the angry crowd. From fears of the LNG tanks exploding and sending a fireball more than 14 miles wide to transfer pipes leaking and possible danger to wildlife from the use of seawater to cool the ship's generators were expressed at the meeting. Tim Riley, an Oxnard attorney who has fought LNG terminals for three years, noted that "the techniques for transferring this cryogenically frozen LNG from one ship to another has never been demonstrated anywhere on earth, and we will be the guinea pigs for this grand experiment that they assume will work out of the box."   

Offshore LNG blast could be enormous Long Beach Press-Telegram - Long Beach, CA, VENTURA — A new study shows that a release of liquefied natural gas from one of four proposed terminals off the Southern California coast could spread a fireball over several miles... Malibu Mayor Andy Stern said he would ask the City Council next month to appropriate at least $50,000 to help pay the legal costs for organizations working to defeat the project. "The residents of Malibu should not be guinea pigs to some experimental project," Stern said. "My main priority is to fight this facility."

Cabrillo Port Liquefied Natural Gas Deepwater Port Revised Draft EIR  PDF  “For the worst credible intentional or accidental event release of 53 million gallons (200,000 m3) from two tanks of LNG, it was determined that a wind speed of 2 m/s (4.5 mph) resulted in the worst case in which the flammable vapor cloud extended about 6.3 NM (7.3 miles or 11.7 km) downwind from the FSRU." (4.2-38).  “The 2006 Sandia report (Appendix C2)  PDF summarizes the results of the Sandia review of the 2004 Cabrillo Port IRA and supporting analyses. The results of the Sandia review, the additional analyses and evaluations conducted, and the resolutions of suggested changes are included in the 2006 IRA (Appendix  C1). ” (4.2-33)

California dreaming draws flak for BHP  Sydney Morning Herald , Australia September 10, 2005 Environmentalist heat is blistering plans to export Australian gas to the US West Coast "With billions of export dollars at stake, Macfarlane, Woodside and BHP have suddenly discovered the dangers of underestimating the power of California's environmental lobby."  "Tim Riley, a lawyer who lives by the beach in Oxnard Shores and works in Malibu, has helped lead a movement in actively opposing the project in his spare time. While some citizens have organised rallies, Riley has used his multimedia talents to spur opposition."

Power play ... Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger, a strong proponent
of BHP's plans, is facing sagging approval ratings.




"Power play ... Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger, a strong proponent of BHP's plans, is facing sagging approval ratings."

Photo: AP/Joe Raymond




Governor Schwarzenegger Has Legal Authority to Disapprove the LNG Deepwater Ports  

   Pursuant to 33 USC CHAPTER 29 - DEEPWATER PORTS  § 1508 "... The Secretary shall not issue a license without the approval of the Governor of each adjacent coastal State. If the Governor fails to transmit his approval or disapproval to the Secretary not later than 45 days after the last public hearing on applications for a particular application area, such approval shall be conclusively presumed. "

June 23, 2005 Governor prefers Oxnard for LNG terminal  Ventura County Star (subscription)    AUDIO:   Gov. Schwarzenegger's comments about LNG and Oxnard

Write Governor Schwarzenegger - Emphasize that he must timely disapprove BHP & Crystal Energy's & Woodside's LNG DWP Licenses  Governor's Email Form


Email Schwarzenegger: governor@governor.ca.gov  & Advisors:  Chrisman mike.chrisman@resources.gov Tamminen: tt@CalEPA.ca.gov


April 26, 2006

Pressure builds for an LNG cartel Australian - Sydney, Australia What are the prospects for a gas cartel, an organisation of gas exporting countries, or OGEC? The unpleasant truth is that they look better every day and not just because Gazprom, the world's biggest gas exporter, is being vocal about its ambition to dominate global gas markets... so why should its potential suppliers - Russia, Algeria, Libya, Nigeria and Qatar - risk political opprobrium among consuming nations by combining forces? The answer is fear. Many fear a glut of liquefied natural gas (LNG) and their fear is justified. Oversupply is building in LNG...

April 24, 2006

Top Democrats vow to halt LNG project Boston Globe

April 23, 2006

Governors hold veto power on offshore LNG terminals Mobile  Register - Mobile, AL,              

April 20, 2006

Criticism dominates as LNG hearings wrap up Ventura County Star (subscription) - Ventura county, CA

Russia’s Gazprom Threatens to Halt Gas Supplies to Europe MOSNEWS - Russia

Officials appeal to Coast Guard Fall River Herald News - Fall River, MA,

April 18, 2006

Gas Fireball Would Not Reach Land * Los Angeles Times - CA  Still, study finds an explosion at a proposed natural gas terminal off the Ventura County coast would extend farther than thought. A catastrophic release of liquefied natural gas from a terminal proposed off the Ventura County coast could spread a powerful and spectacular fireball over several miles, but pose no threat on land because the facility would be at least 14 miles offshore, a new study shows.  * April 20, 2006 LA TIMES CORRECTION:  7.27 Mile LNG Vapor Cloud :  "Natural gas terminal: An article in Tuesday's California section about a proposed liquefied natural gas terminal at least 14 miles off the Ventura County coast said a catastrophic release of fuel from storage tanks would result in a vapor eruption of up to 6.3 miles. That measurement is based on nautical miles. The eruption could extend to a radius of 7.27 miles."

April 17, 2006

Coast Guard report: LNG could take a third of redfish before scientists see problem  AL.com - Birmingham, AL

April 16, 2006

Supporters and critics muster for LNG hearings Ventura County Star (subscription) - Ventura county, CA

April 15, 2006

Close call sparks action to keep gas tankers safe Boston Herald A harrowing near-collision in Boston Harbor Monday has sparked a federal probe and heightened fears that an LNG disaster is bound to strike unless lawmakers impose stricter regulations. U.S. Coast Guard officials launched an investigation this week after a 600-foot carrier ship overshot its dock, nearly smashed into a pier at an Exxon terminal in Chelsea and drifted toward liquified natural gas docks as tugboat crews strained to correct its path.

April 14, 2005

Ambassador joins LNG fracas Bangor Daily News - Bangor, ME Although proponents have told the Canadians to mind their own business, the issue of whether Canada will have a say over the construction of a liquefied natural gas terminal at Pleasant Point or in Robbinston appears to have stirred nationalistic pride as Canadian opposition to the two projects continues to grow.

April 13, 2006

LNG PROPOSAL PURSUED DESPITE COMMUNITY OPPOSITION Dundalk Eagle - Dundalk, MD Opponents to the proposed liquefied natural gas plant for Sparrows Point refuse to wait: They want their questions answered and their concerns addressed now.First, they watched three films: consumer protection advocates Tim and Hayden Riley's The Risks and Danger of LNG, the Center for Liquefied Natural Gas's LNG: The Safe, Clean Energy Choice and the National Association of State Fire Marshals' LNG: Liquefied Natural Gas.

    NOTE: Others who are also interested in obtaining usage rights to the film for public screenings must contact the Law Office of Tim Riley at 760-683-5898 to discuss the fees and terms for such authorization which must be in writing. The licensing fees help us offset the administrative costs in providing vital information worldwide about the risks and danger of LNG.

US will be told to keep tankers out of Canadian waters: MP CBC News - Canada "Our position remains the same," Thompson said. "We will use all diplomatic and legal options to defend our position. And our position is 'no to the passage of LNG tankers through Head Harbour Passage.'"

House committee approves bill to restrict LNG tankers Boston Globe USA

April 12, 2006

NITC eyes LNG deals  TradeWinds.No [subscription] State owned Iranian tanker company plans order bonanza for at least 30 LNG carriers.

Russia works for foothold on LNG market  Bellona.no "Russian gas monopolist Gazprom intends to join forces with the key players on the market of liquefied natural gas (LNG) for operations on the North American LNG market and open an office in Houston, Texas. Gazprom intends to participate in all stages of this work, from the production of natural gas to its liquefaction and transportation and regasification. Gazprom also plans to win 10% of the United States' gas market by 2010 and subsequently to double its share. Today Gazprom depends to a large extent on the existence of pipelines and on the relations with the transit countries."

Canadian firm mulls LNG plant construction Novosti, Russia "Petro-Canada and Gazprom signed an agreement on initial engineering design of an LNG plant near Russia's second city during a March 13-15 visit to Canada by the Russian energy giant's CEO, Alexei Miller. LNG from the plant would be supplied to Petro-Canada's proposed LNG re-gasification facility in Gros-Cacouna, Quebec. Gas from this terminal would be trans-shipped to markets in Quebec and Ontario."

KeySpan appealing rejection of LNG proposal Boston Globe

Pallone to oppose offshore gas terminal Asbury Park Press - Asbury Park, NJ

April 10, 2005

Malibu News Flash: Malibu mayor will ask city to fight LNG plant Malibu Times - Malibu, CA Mayor Andy Stern will ask the city council to kick in $50,000 to fight a liquefied natural gas terminal proposed off the Malibu coast. A fifth LNG plant is planned near Malibu. "We will dedicate any and all resources to fight these developments on our coastline, including filing enough lawsuits to tie up the Billiton project forever," Stern said. "If they look at our history they will see that we are not shy about filing suits."

Criticism of wind power exaggerated, misleading The Charleston Gazette, WV  Russia, Iran and Qatar have 58 percent of the world’s natural gas reserves. Shouldn’t we do what we can to protect our national security by reducing the need to import gas from unstable and unfriendly foreign governments? Shouldn’t we do what we can to develop clean, renewable, homegrown fuel sources like wind energy that help conserve our valuable domestic natural gas reserves? Shouldn’t we do what we can to avoid building dozens of new, and very flammable, terrorist targets in the form of liquefied natural gas port terminals? These are the real questions facing our nation, and we think there is a clear answer. National energy security begins at home.

April 8, 2006

Natural Gas Deal Flops Nassau Guardian - The Bahamas  A major natural gas deal has fallen through because of red tape delays. According to a Miami Herald report, Calypso Pipeline, an $800 million project that was slated to transfer gas from a port in Grand Bahama to Fort Lauderdale via the Gulf Stream, said good-bye to The Bahamas.

April 7, 2006

Maritime Terrorism in Southeast Asia: Potential Scenarios Global Terrorism Analysis - Washington, DC  The second possible scenario was summed up by Singapore's Foreign Minister George Yeo in a speech given to the ASEAN Regional Forum on July 29, 2005: "Terrorists could hijack an LNG [Liquefied Natural Gas] tanker and blow it up...

April 6, 2006

Question may no longer be whether LNG, but when? Ventura County Star (subscription) - CA

Further LNG developments off California Oil & Gas Journal - Houston, TX

LNG opponents say they're gaining support CBC Montreal - Montreal, Quebec, Canada

April 5, 2006

FERC agrees to review revised plans for LNG port Jamestown Press - RI

April 3, 2006

Gas plant tank leaking NEWS.com.au - Australia THE centrepiece of Darwin's $3billion gas plant, the world's largest LNG storage tank, is leaking. The plant's owners ConocoPhillips have confirmed that gas has been detected outside the 42m-high tank. The source of the leak has not been found. 

FBI, Coast Guard in squabble MSNBC  Conflicts threaten response to sea-based terrorism, investigator says - WASHINGTON - Squabbling between the Coast Guard and the FBI could lead to confused and potentially disastrous responses to terrorism incidents at sea, a government investigator said Monday. Disagreements over the roles the two agencies should take in responding to a maritime terrorism threat or attack come as intelligence analysts continue to believe that al-Qaida and other terrorist groups are likely to launch attacks on ports, warships, cruise ships or ferries, said Justice Department Inspector General Glenn A. Fine... “In our judgment, unless such differences over roles and authorities are resolved, the response to a maritime incident could be confused and potentially disastrous,” Fine said.

Report Sees Confusion Likely in a Sea Attack by Terrorists New York Times "The F.B.I. and the Coast Guard both want the ability to respond to terrorist threats in the maritime area," the report says. "Unless such differences over roles and authorities are resolved, the response to a maritime incident could be confused and potentially disastrous." The agencies do agree that cruise ships, ferries and container ships are likely targets for terrorists using a bomb or a small boat packed with explosives or by taking hostages.

Save the Bay decries LNG Fall River Herald News - MA   NEWPORT -- Liquefied natural gas and ending America’s dependence on foreign oil were among the topics addressed at Save the Bay’s 36th annual meeting and brunch Sunday.

April 1, 2006

Canada to Ban LNG Ships in Nation's Waters (Bloomberg) -- Canada plans to prohibit U.S. owners of liquefied natural-gas terminals in Maine from using waters off New Brunswick to bring large LNG tankers into their plants, Canadian Press reported, citing a member of the federal Cabinet. Greg Thompson, the Canadian province's senior minister in Prime Minister Stephen Harper's Cabinet, said LNG is seen by the country as a dangerous cargo and can be banned from transport in its waters, the news service reported.

Gas explosion in China pollutes river, 11500 evacuated CHONGQING, China (AFP) - A gas leak in southwest China has triggered a huge explosion, forcing the evacuation of 11,500 people and polluting a river, according to state media. The accident in Chongqing municipality early on Saturday morning occurred in Xiaoyang village, the same location as another gas leak in December 2003 that killed 243 people in one of the nation's most deadly industrial incidents.

March 29,  2006   

Milford Town Council Hear From LNG Experts PembrokshireTV.com Dr Cox told the council that he was uncomfortable with information given to local authorities about LNG by the operating companies, particularly in relation to the behaviour of LNG when spilled on water. Information given by South Hook to the effect that LNG when spilled evaporates harmlessly because it is “lighter than air” was “plain wrong and all the established science on LNG vapour cloud behaviour shows that it’s wrong”. The dangers from LNG had been “down played so much that they misrepresented the truth”.

Quiet mayor becomes vocal candidate Malibu Times - Malibu, CA Andy Stern stands behind city council's accomplishments and says fighting the location of LNG terminals near Malibu is a priority

House passes bills to impede natural gas site approval Business Gazette - Gaithersburg, MD                     

March 27,  2006   

LNG Company Sued The Bahama Journal - The Bahamas  “AES Corporation, the Virginia-based energy conglomerate that proposes to build a liquefied natural gas (LNG) facility in The Bahamas, has been implicated in the deaths of several residents of the Dominican Republic. There are also allegations that the company sought to dump thousands of tons of industrial waste on Ocean Cay, a man-made island 20 miles south of Bimini, The Bahama Journal has learned. The government of the Dominican Republic has filed a lawsuit against AES Corporation for more than $80 million in damages, after two years of attempts to get AES to remove more than 57,000 tons of rock ash dumped on beaches in the D.R. between late 2003 and early 2004.”

March 26,  2006   

Washington Gas Protests Expansion of LNG Plant WJLA - Washington, DC Cove Point, MD (AP) - Washington Gas is protesting another utility's plans to expand the Cove Point liquefied natural gas plant in Calvert County. Washington Gas claims Dominion's imported gas is responsible for numerous gas leaks in Prince George's County over the last couple of winters. Washington Gas says the liquefied product can damage pipe fittings when it's converted back to a gas.

March 24, 2006

LNG Terminal Planned Off the Coast of Ventura County The Log Newspaper - CA Tim Riley and his wife, Hayden, are strongly opposed to the building of an offshore LNG terminal. This couple has dedicated the past three years to getting the word out on the dangers of such a project.  Correction: In the story, "LNG Terminal Proposed Off the Coast of Ventura County" in the March 24 issue, the word "harmlessly" was omitted inadvertently from a quote by Tim Riley. The quote should have read: "When LNG hits the air, it vaporizes into its natural form," Riley said. "It is so dense that it soon becomes heavier than air, creating a fog cloud up to 36 feet high. It grows in size. It doesn't harmlessly dissipate, and you can't stop it." https://thelog.com/opinion/opinionview.asp?c=183970

March 21,  2006   

Gov. unsure on LNG for LB Long Beach Press-Telegram - Long Beach, CA, LOS ANGELES — California needs liquefied natural gas, Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger said Monday, but study and public input are needed before deciding on a location for a receiving terminal in the state... Schwarzenegger said further study, along with local public input, should determine where such a facility should be built. "All of that I think would determine should it be in San Diego, should it be in Long Beach, should it be offshore, maybe in Thousand Oaks up there," the Republican governor said. "So I'm not the one that is going to make that decision. I think that in the end we need to see the reports."

March 18, 2006

PGW drops talks with Hess over LNG terminal Philadelphia Inquirer

Port of St. Helens gains 145-acre waterfront site for natural gas ... OregonLive.com - Portland, OR

March 17, 2006

Coast Guard has safety concerns about LNG terminal plans Boston Globe WASHINGTON --The Coast Guard says it has safety concerns about a company's plans to use smaller tankers to pass through the opening in a narrow bridge to reach a proposed liquefied natural gas terminal in Fall River, Mass... "This waterway segment ... affords no margin for navigational error, and appears unsuitable in its current state, when considering the intended vessel size, cargo and number of transits in your proposal," Roy A. Nash, Captain of the Port, Coast Guard Sector Southeastern New England, wrote in a March 13 letter to Weaver's Cove.

March 16, 2006

FILMMAKING COUPLE SETS TONE FOR LNG OPPOSITION Dundalk Eagle, MD While local neighborhood associations have hosted multiple viewing of the documentary The Risks and Dangers of LNG, the company that wants to build the plant has commissioned its own study... But in the video, Tim and Hayden Riley ...  cite the 2001 edition of the Rocky Mountian Insitute study Brittle Power - Energy Strategy for National Security and explain that, “[In the event of a pierced tanker,] the gas will flow in a cloud or plume until it reaches an ignition point. Such a plume might extend at least three miles downwind from a large spill within 10 to 20 minutes.”

    NOTE: Others who are also interested in obtaining usage rights to the film for public screenings must contact the Law Office of Tim Riley at 760-683-5898 to discuss the fees and terms for such authorization which must be in writing. The licensing fees help us offset the administrative costs in providing vital information worldwide about the risks and danger of LNG.

Woodside unveils 'green' LNG plant in US The Age - Melbourne, Victoria, Australia
Woodside Petroleum Ltd hopes its plan to process liquefied natural gas (LNG) in ships off the Californian coast will head off environmental concerns that have threatened another project by BHP Billiton Ltd.... BHP Billiton's plan met with resistance from local councils and residents groups and this week the California State Lands Commission released a report which found it posed unavoidable safety and environmental effects.

LNG plan for harbor is shelved Boston Globe The committee voted to send the proposal to a study committee -- a step that effectively derails the proposal for now -- but state lawmakers and environmentalists said they expect the measure to resurface in some form. The company that wants to build the terminal, AES Corp. of Virginia, vowed to press on with its proposal.

March 15, 2006

ALERT:  Near-miss shuts down LNG imports on Elba Savannah Morning News - Savannah, GA A potentially disastrous spill was averted early Tuesday morning when a liquefied natural gas tanker discharging its load at the Southern LNG terminal on Elba Island broke from its moorings and pulled away from the pier. The dock was shut down for about 36 hours while representatives from the Coast Guard and an LNG engineer from the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission investigated the incident.

LNG terminal poses adverse impacts Malibu Times - Malibu, CA A government re-examination of the liquefied natural gas terminal proposed for 13.8 miles off Malibu's western coast predicts BHP Billiton's Cabrillo Port "would result in both short- and long-term adverse impacts" to the coast and its residents that cannot possibly be mitigated. Increased smog levels, the intrusion of a 14-story-high factory ship on Malibu's coastal horizon, and the extremely remote possibility of a 14-mile-wide flash fire reaching to within seven miles of the city limits are among negative impacts that cannot be corrected or avoided, identified in the report.

Natural Gas Terminal Off Coast Is Proposed Los Angeles Times Australia's Woodside Energy, hoping to overcome environmental and safety concerns, is expected to unveil plans today to place a liquefied natural gas terminal in the Pacific Ocean about 22 miles south of Malibu... Andy Stern, mayor of Malibu, said of Woodside's proposal: "The vast majority of people in my city are opposed to any LNG facility. It's an environmental disaster waiting to happen."

Committee sends Boston Harbor LNG bill to political graveyard Boston Globe BOSTON --A legislative committee has sent a bill proposing to lease a Boston Harbor island for an LNG natural gas terminal to a graveyard for disfavored legislation.

Bill would keep LNG traffic off the bay Newport Daily News - Newport, RI PROVIDENCE - Believing he has found support in federal law, state Rep. Raymond E. Gallison Jr., D-Bristol, once again is trying to ban liquefied natural gas tankers from Narragansett Bay ... Specifically, Gallison cited a section of federal law governing navigation that states, "Nothing contained in this section ... prohibits a state or political subdivision thereof from prescribing higher safety equipment requirements or safety standards than those which may be prescribed by regulations hereunder." "Clearly, the state of Rhode Island can protect its people," Gallison testified. "We have a right to protect the public health, safety and welfare. We need to do it and we should be doing it."

Local LNG Benefits "Laughable" Says FOE Pembrokeshiretv.com - UK 

March 13, 2006

ALERT:  The BHPB Malibu/Oxnard Public Comment Period Ends on Friday, April 28, 2006. The California State Lands Commission has completed the BHP Billiton Cabrillo Port Liquefied Natural Gas Deepwater Port Revised Draft Environmental Impact Report (Revised Draft EIR).  The Revised BHPB Draft EIR is being distributed today, with a public comment period ending on Friday, April 28, 2006. You may also view it by clicking here:  BHPB Cabrillo Port LNG Deepwater Port (Revised Draft EIR)

March 10, 2006

Feds Urged To Reject Floating Gas Plant Hartford Courant  Attorney General Richard Blumenthal Thursday called on the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission to reject Broadwater Energy's proposal to build a floating natural gas terminal in Long Island Sound. Blumenthal called the massive liquefied natural gas plant, which would be midway between New York and Connecticut, a tempting target for terrorists and said it would threaten public safety, the environment, navigation and other commercial activities on the Sound.

Cole accuses BHP of bribing Saddam Sydney Morning Herald - Sydney, New South Wales, Australia "THE head of the inquiry into the oil-for-food scandal has accused BHP Billiton of paying "a soft bribe" to Saddam Hussein's regime in return for winning access to one of the richest oilfields in Iraq."

BHP claims wheat shipment to Iraq a gift ABC Online - Australia "BHP gave Saddam Hussein's regime millions of dollars-worth of wheat a decade ago, and today the company's former lawyer admitted that the company expected a big favour in return."

March 9, 2006

Clarke: Everett’s LNG a ‘time bomb’ Boston Herald  Richard Clarke, the former White House counterterrorism chief, warned yesterday that the existing Everett gas facility is a “ticking time bomb” for Boston and needs to be shut down. Clarke, testifying at a State House hearing as a paid consultant on behalf of the Outer Brewster Island LNG facility proposal by AES Corp., ripped into state leaders for not doing enough to close the Distrigas LNG facility in Everett. “It’s almost a matter of criminal negligence,” Clarke said of the state’s failure to shut down the Everett plant, which gets its liquefied natural gas via huge tankers steaming through Boston Harbor.

March 8, 2006

AES Exec Responds to Community Concerns Dundalk Eagle, Baltimore   Facing Baltimore County and residential condemnation over a proposed liquid natural gas plant at the former Sparrows Point Shipyard, AES Sparrows Point Corp. managing director Aaron Sampson countered critics who have slammed the project at local community meetings. “First of all, residential concerns are justified,” Sampson said during a phone interview last week. “But people need to get all the information before they make a decision.” ... After watching the film LNG: Dangers and Risks, [The Risks and Danger of LNG] many residents as well as elected officials are worried about a terrorist threat to the tankers that would come up the Patapsco River, under the Francis Scott Key Bridge and to the shipyard.

    NOTE: Others who are also interested in obtaining usage rights to the film for public screenings must contact the Law Office of Tim Riley at 760-683-5898 to discuss the fees and terms for such authorization which must be in writing. The licensing fees help us offset the administrative costs in providing vital information worldwide about the risks and danger of LNG.

Report: proposed gas terminal would have public costs Newsday - Long Island, NY HARTFORD, Conn. -- A plan for a floating natural gas terminal on Long Island Sound fails to factor in costs to the public and has no identifiable market, according to a commission appointed by Gov. M. Jodi Rell to study project's impact on Connecticut. The Broadwater Energy terminal would require public expenditures for security and other requirements, the panel said in an interim report. The panel said there are numerous environmental concerns with the project. It also criticized what it called the lack of a federal energy policy that it says has led to corporations racing to capture a monopoly in the deregulated energy market.

March 7, 2006

A New Report: An LNG Death Knell? Hamptons Independents, NY  The report, crafted by Synapse Energy Economics, concludes that Broadwater’s submissions to the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission fail to demonstrate the need for a natural gas facility to provide energy to the region. The natural gas demand has grown nationally, but the report fails to adequately describe local needs. Instead, it references nationwide markets to justify the project.... Reps from the company, which is a subsidiary of TransCanda and Shell, aren’t ready to lie down. Last Friday Amy Kelly, a spokesperson for the company, said the Synapse report is based on initial submissions from Broadwater, rather than more accurate and timely documents.

March 6, 2006

New Brunswick town hopes to stop LNG tankers CTV.ca - Canada ... "Will the prime minister do what prime ministers have done for 30 years and stand against American LNG tanker traffic in our internal waters at Head Harbour ...

March 5, 2006

The British are coming! Newsday - Long Island, NY  In a deal worth $7.3 billion, National Grid of London has agreed to purchase KeySpan, the area's supplier of natural gas and owner of Long Island's major power-generating plants, as well as the operator of its electrical system. So, how is it that Long Islanders woke up last week - in the middle of a national furor over the sale of a British company that ran the port of New York to a conglomerate owned by the United Arab Emirates - to learn that the tentacles of globalization were creeping even closer to their doors? There are two reasons, one legal, the other economic. Last year, Congress passed the Energy Policy Act of 2005, a massive piece of legislation with hundreds of provisions, including some repealing a Depression-era law barring foreign investment in public utilities and others streamlining government oversight. KeySpan is its fifth U.S. purchase. If the deal succeeds, more than half of National Grid's operating profits are expected to come from its U.S. companies, which include utilities in upstate New York and New England. Is it interested in buying liquefied natural gas from the two currently proposed projects, Broadwater, in the Long Island Sound, or Atlantic Sea Island, 13 miles south of Long Beach? Or is the firm more interested in building its own LNG terminal, as it has just done in England?

March 3, 2006

State Wants Say In Gas Terminal Plan Hartford Courant Gov. M. Jodi Rell's administration asked Thursday that Connecticut regulators be allowed to formally review the Broadwater natural gas terminal proposed for the New York waters of Long Island Sound.

March 2, 2006

Fight over natural gas tanks raises questions of cost, safety Business Gazette - Gaithersburg, MD ANNAPOLIS -- A Prince George's County effort to halt a planned liquefied natural gas storage tank cleared a vote last week with Montgomery County legislators ...

Broadwater Faces Opposition from Local Politicians Shore Publishing - Madison,CT, East Haven - When Senator Joseph Lieberman spoke out against the liquefied natural gas facility being considered for Long Island Sound, just 10 1/2 miles off the East Haven Town Beach, he joined a chorus of local politicians who oppose the project. Lieberman called the Broadwater project “an unnatural intrusion into the natural order of Long Island Sound” during a press conference on Feb. 21, echoing sentiments already voiced by U.S. Senator Christopher Dodd, U.S. Reps Rob Simmons, Christopher Shays and Rosa DeLauro, and a litany of Connecticut General Assembly members, including Senators Len Fasano and Andrea Stillman.

March 1, 2006

LNG sector to feel crew shortages pinch as fleet expands TMCnet (Lloyds List Via Thomson Dialog NewsEdge) Failure to address the shortage of well trained seafarers for liquefied natural gas tankers will result in accidents warns an executive from Eurasia, writes Marcus Hand in Singapore. 'The shortage of staff is really beginning to hurt the industry. 'If we don't have enough trained manpower accidents will definitely occur,' Ravi Korivi, LNG consultant for Eurasia Maritime Management told a conference in Singapore.

Panel would study siting of LNG terminals in state SouthCoastToday.com - New Bedford, MA BOSTON — Faced with controversies in Fall River, Everett and the Boston Harbor Islands, the Legislature has approved a commission to study the siting of LNG terminals in Massachusetts.


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